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#387 Play Friends Boat & Ski
Years Made: Playskool Toy Department
Department 7:

Set Box Front

Complete Set

Boat & Skiis

Motor, Rope & Skiis

Description: This fun playset lets kids haul the boat to a lake to go boating and skiing. The boat was used in the #471 Emergency Squad, but all other set pieces are unique to this set, including the 3 Play Friends wearing bathing suits.
  • 3 Vehicles:
    • PSK155 - Car - Green (olive green) squared car with 2 rectangular seats (seats 4) and a triangular hitch on the back (to attach trailer). Rolls on 4 black wheels (marked Playskool) held on via green (olive green) plastic rivets. Bottom of car is marked, "Playskool, No. 485, Chicago, Illinois". Measures 5-1/8" long x 3-3/4" wide x 1-1/2" tall.
    • PSK156 - Trailer - Yellow triangular frame trailer that rolls on 2 black wheels (marked Playskool) held on via yellow plastic rivets. Has a C-shaped clamp on the front (to attach to car).
    • PSK125 - Boat - Small blue 3-seat boat with a white top, 1 square front "seat", 1 rectangular (seats 2) back seat, and a slightly recessed rectangular area on the back. There is a hole in center of the rectangle to attach the removable boat motor. Bottom of boat is marked, "Playskool, Chicago, Illinois". Measures 4-5/16" long x 3" wide x 1" tall.
      • PSK126 - Boat Motor - Small yellow plastic boat motor with molded hanging propeller on the back bottom, and a peg under the squared "motor" area. Peg fits into hole on back of boat to keep motor attached to boat.
  • PSK157 - Ski Rope - Yellow flexible plastic "rope" with a small t-peg on one end (fits inside hole on top of PSK126 boat motor) and a square "loop" on the other end. The loop fits around the Play Friends figure body.
  • PSK158 - Skiis - Flat yellow skiis, attached via 2 thin strips in the middle. Play Friend figure fits on the skiis held in place between the 2 strips).
  • 3 Square "Blockhead" Play Friend Figures:
    • 2 each - PSK13 - Yellow hair, flesh-colored body with red bikini print on front side.
    • PSK159 - Brown hair, flesh-colored body with blue shorts print on front side.
Variations: None.
Other Information: None.
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