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#919 Music Box Movie Camera
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 1:
Audio, Visual, Musical, Educational & Electronics

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Description: In 1968 Fisher-Price introduced 2 new cameras that allow children to insert picture disks, the #112 Changable Picture Disc Camera and the #919 Music Box Movie Camera. Both cameras use the same disks, both cameras have dial on the lens changes the color of the object that are being viewed to red, blue, or yellow, but the #112 has a rotating flash cube, and the #919 has a handle on the bottom and a built-in music box.
  • FPT3386 - White plastic child-size "movie camera" that has a red handle on the bottom, a red lense on the front, a red eye hole on the back, and a red wind-up knob on the side that winds up a built-in music box. The music box plays, "This Old Man" as pictures on the accessory disks appear through the viewer. The music box and rotating disk are activated when child squeezed the trigger on the handle. A hinged door on the side of the camera has a compartment for storing the accessory disks and reveals a see-through window that allows child to watch the music box mechanism. A lense on top of the camera changes the colors of the objects on the disks from red, yellow or blue. The bottom of the camera has a plastic hand-size carrying strap. Measures 7" high.
  • 5 round clear plastic picture disks with 8 different transparent picture scenes. Each disk measures 2-1/4" diameter x 1/8" thick:
    • FPT1710 - Animals and their Babies. WFL: 07-A2-02-3-R
    • FPT1711 - A Visit to the City. WFL: 07-A2-02-4-I
    • FPT1712 - Goldilocks & The Three Bears. WFL: 07-A2-02-4-K
    • FPT22695 - Learning About Color. WFL: 07-A2-03-0-F
    • FPT3388 - Learning to Count. WFL: 07-A2-03-8-D

      *These are the same type of disks as those that came with the #112 Changable Picture Disc Camera.
Variations: None.

Repair: If your music box plays slow (or not at all!), you may want to check out our REPAIR STATION. We can restore most Fisher-Price wind-up music box mechanisms to almost new condition!

Other Information: None.
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