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#77111 All-in-One Space Shuttle
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:

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Description: This all-in-one space shuttle will take children into a world of space and imagination. The shuttle has a cockpit with a flip-up see-through cover, a working "satellite" launcher, a movable explorer arm with a pincher on the end (doubles as a carry handle), and lots of storage area inside for "moon samples". The set comes with a seperate moon buggy that doubles as the wheels for the shuttle, as the shuttle fits on top of the moon buggy. The set also comes with two space explorers, and a stange-looking alien that fits inside of a meteor!

When fun time is over, the shuttle folds neatly together, and the accessory pieces fit inside. Designed for children ages 3 years and older.

  • FPT13998 - White top, red base space shuttle with a blue flip-top cockpit cover that has a clear plastic see-through window. The top of the shuttle has a white explorer arm with a silver pincher on the end. The top of the shuttle has 2 white doors that open to reveal a large storage area inside. The bottom front of the shuttle has a silver working satellite launcher, that launches a green satellite.
  • FPT13999 - Green satellite.
  • FPT14000 - White moon buggy that rolls on 4 blue wheels. The buggy has no roof. The shuttle fits on top of the buggy so children can roll the shuttle around.
  • FPT14001 - Cream-colored meteor that is hinged and opens in half.
  • Great Adventures figures:
    • FPT14002 - Green alien figure that fits inside of the accessory meteor mentioned above. He has yellow eyes, a red nose, wears a silver weapons belt and holds a black lazer gun in his hand.
    • FPT14003 - Explorer with a large round nose that wears a silver and yellow spacesuit. He wears a silver helmet with a silver backpack, black eyeglasses, silver gloves and silver boots with black soles. He holds an orange lazer gun in his hand.
    • FPT14004 - Short squaty space alien explorer that wears a yellow and orange spacesuit. He has a round silver head, a round purple body, wears orange gloves and orange boots, and holds a silver wrench-type weapon in his hand.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • FP7711SET1999 - complete set in original box. WFL: 07-AF-07-2-A
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