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#326 Adventure Series "Alpha Star"
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:
Description: Adventure series space exploration set, including a "Alpha Star" lunar rover vehicle that has 3 push-buttons to control action (forward, stop, and reverse), and it has a steering lever on the top to steer the vehicle in the desired direction. This vehicle has a removable cockpit that serves as a seperate space cruiser, plus a seperate trailor with a removable radar that rotates when the trailor rolls. This set was designed for children ages 4 to 9 years old.
  • FPT1246 - Square white battery-powered "Alpha Star" lunar rover vehicle that rolls on 4 large black "moon rover" wheels. The sides of the rover have molded-in pipes, tubes, and both sides have a large rounded "oxygen tank" (resemble pontoon floats). The back of the rover has a grey platform with a large hold in the center (to attach trailor). The front has a white platform with 2 "arms" to attach the removable FPT1247 lunar rover cockpit. The top of the lunar rover has a red lever (moves side-to-side for steering), and 3 white buttons (controls for forward, stop and reverse). Motor can be disengaged for free-wheel play. Requires 2 D-cell batteries (not included).
  • FPT1247 - Square white 2-seat "Space Cruiser" (attaches to the FPT1246 Alpha star as the cockpit section). The space cruiser has a black interior and dash and a tall backrest.
    • FPT22646 - Triangular transparent (smoke-tinted) plastic cockpit canopy/windshield for the FPT1247 Space Cruiser. Bottom edge is marked "Alpha Star" in yellow.
  • FPT1248 - White Alpha Star observation/research trailer that has a hitch on the front and rolls on 2 large black "moon rover" wheels. The top of the front hitch area has a molded-in platform for Adventure Series figures to stand on and look down through the viewing screen to observe items inside the trailer's large center storage area. The top of the trailer (above storage area) has attached binoculars/viewing gear. The back of the trailer (area above wheels) has a robot storage area with a red fold-down door/ramp and a launching chamber for the robot. A removable articulated arm with spring-loaded grippers attach to top of trailer, and an antenna (removable) rotates as the vehicle rolls.
    Removable Accessories/Attachments:
    • 2 each - FPT4885 - Rectangular transparent (smoke-tinted) plastic hatch door (attaches to sides of large observation storage area on the FPT1248 lunar trailer). WFL: 07-AI-03-4-P
    • FPT1249 - Tall black plastic antenna mast (pole) that attaches to the FPT1248 trailor. The mast has a small platform on one side (for Adventure Series figures to stand on), and an antenna/radar on the other side. The antenna has a rectangular face with a large upright peg in the center. WFL: 07-AI-02-E-O
    • FPT1253 - Black plastic articulated robot arm with a spring-loaded gripper on top. WFL: 07-AI-02-E-P
  • FPT1257 - Astronaut wearing a yellow suit, large white helmet with a black face shield and red stripe, and silver gloves.
  • FPT1255 - Robot with a dark grey body with 3 wheels and 2 orange arms.
  • FPT1256 - Alien creature that looks like a pinkish low-squatting dinosaur with one horn in the middle of his head.
  • FPT1279 - Decal sheet (applied to the vehicle and other parts).
  • FPT22648 - the antenna mast could also be silver.
  • FPT22649 - the spring-loaded robot arm that attaches to top of trailor could also be silver.
Other Information:
  • Requires 2 D-cell batteries (not included).
  • This set was sold in a 19-1/2" long, 10-1/2" high, 6-1/2" deep box.
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