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#310 The Adventure People and Their Sea Explorer
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:

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Description: This is a 9-piece Adventure Series set that includes a motor boat, sea sled and more to explore the sea!
  • FPT1166 - Blue base, white top boat that has 2 seats, a large back area to store accessories, and a storage hatch in the front to store more accessories. The boat floats on water, and rolls on land via plastic wheels on the bottom. It has "FISHER-PRICE" on the front of the boat, and "SEA EXPLORER" and a round emblem with a dolphin in the middle on the side of the boat.
  • FPT1167 - Yellow 1-seat "sea sled" open-top (small boat) with a clear plastic "windshield" for underwater viewing. The center has a rectangular seat area and the sides have 2 round "pontoon-type" supports to help the sea sled float on water. The top of both pontoons are marked "SEA SLED". The bottom of the sea sled has 1 small black wheel and the bottom is marked, "F.-P. TOYS".
  • 2 each - FPT1168 - Orange plastic double oxygen scuba tanks with an attached face mask. The 1 mold unit fits over the accessory Adventure Series figures' head. Fill tanks with water and the figure can "dive", when the tanks are full of air, the figure floats.
  • FPT1169 - Orange double water ski (looks like 2 skis glued together) that has indentions for the Adventure Series figures' feet.
  • FPT1170 - Yellow cloth rope that has an orange hook on one end (hooks to a knob on the #310 boat) and an orange ski handle bar on the other end. Size: 15-3/8" long. Handle is 1-1/16" long x 7/16" wide.
  • 3 Adventure Series figures (the man and woman have a movable head, arms and legs):
    1. FPT1172 - Man ("Doug" or "Dave") - Wearing a sleeveless yellow swim shirt and swim shorts (bare arms and legs), brown hair.
    2. FPT1173 - Woman ("Mary") - Wearing a sleeveless yellow swimsuit (bare arms and legs), brown hair.
    3. FPT1171 - Dolphin (Splash) - Grey dolphin with a white belly and black dot eyes (no movable parts). *See Variations below.
  • FPT14352 - The dolphin has also been seen in all blue, no white belly.
Other Information: None.
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