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#1082 Take-Along Mini-Play Quilt
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 6:
Non-Toys & Accessories

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Description: No more worries for parents. Put away those huge baby bags full of toys and simply grab the Take-Along Mini-Play Quilt. The quilt folds up to become a mini-tote with a white mesh pocket on the side to hold baby's favorite toys. The quilt has bright colors and four fun sounds to keep baby busy. Designed for children ages 3 to 24 months old.
  • FPT11345 - 19" long rectangular fabric quilt with a red hard plastic handle on one end. When folded out, one side of the quilt has a "Hey, Diddle Diddle" printed pattern with a plate, a cow jumping over a moon, and a puppy. The quilt provides four sounds and activities including a crinkling plate, a squeaking puppy, a rattling moon, and a soft red teethable spoon (both the yellow rattling moon and teethable spoon are attached via blue ribbon). The rattle is a round yellow plastic moon rattle with a molded picture of a half-moon on one side and a clear plastic cover with rattling beads inside on the other side. The quilt has a blue Velcro® square under the moon to attach the removable stuffed kitty. The back side of the quilt is blue with red and white star prints and tiny yellow moon, heart, and star print. The back has a white mesh pocket to place toys into.
  • FPT44390 - Small stuffed cat/doll with a rattle inside and a preprinted front of an orange cat holding a blue fiddle. The back of the doll is solid blue with a small blue Velcro® brand strip in the center. Has a fun surprise rattle inside. Measures about 5" tall x 4-1/2" wide.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • FPT11349 - This set was sold in a 14-1/2" long, 9-1/2" high, 2-1/8" deep window color gift box.
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