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#166 Farmer In The Dell TV Radio
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 1:
Audio, Visual, Musical, Educational & Electronics

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Description: The very first music box tv radio made by Fisher-Price was 1959's #148 Jack And Jill, a wide rectangular wooden box with a wooden carry handle on top supported by two short metal posts. The same music box body style was used with 6 other music boxes, including the #166 Farmer In The Dell TV Radio. The music box mechanism could be either Swiss or Japanese.
  • Wide rectangular wooden music box that plays, "The Farmer In The Dell" when wound. The top of the music box has a white wooden carry handle that is supported by 2 steel posts, and a spring antenna with a red wooden bead on the end. A round red wooden knob on the left front side is a pretend "channel selector". The front center of the music box has a squared yellow plastic "speaker" with a round knob in the center that winds the music box. Pictures of a farmer, his wife, a child, a nurse, a dog, a cat, a mouse, and a piece of cheese revolve past the "screen" on the front of the music box as the music plays "The Farmer In The Dell". The back of the music box has a litho picture of the same characters that revolve past the "screen" described above, and words to the song "The Farmer In The Dell". Measures 7-1/4" wide, 7-1/4" high (including antenna and bead), and 2" deep. *See "Variations" below.
  • FPT1770 - Uses is Swiss music box machanism.
  • FPT1771 - Uses is Japanese music box machanism. Side litho marked, "MUSICAL MOVEMENT MADE IN JAPAN". WFL: 07-AN-02-F-F

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Other Information:

Heigho, the derry oh...The farmer takes a wife......
The wife takes the child......The child takes the nurse.....
The nurse takes the dog......The dog takes the cat......
The cat takes the rat.........
The rat takes the cheese.....
The cheese stands

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