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#592 Weebles Playhouse
Years Made: Hasbro Toy Department
Department 7:
    Aisle A: Weebles

Box Front View

House & Playground

House Inside

House Front View

Front Wall Litho

Rug Lithos

Living Room Lithos

Sliding Board

Swing Set Pieces


Swimming Pool

Description: The #592 Playhouse was the 3rd and final variation of the Weebles house. This version of the house has green windows/door/chimney, green/white car, and orange/white playground. Set also includes 3 pieces of furniture and 3 Weeble figures.
  • Playhouse - HTW326 - White plastic 2-story house with a green base and an orange roof. The roof has two sides: large roof area with a carry handle on top, and a small roof area (located above the garage). Both roof pieces are hinged to lift and allow play inside the house. The front wall of the house (with front door and bay window) is also hinged, but only opens 90 degrees. Bottom side of roof flaps and bottom of base marked, "©1973 Hasbro".
    • Inside lithos:
      • 3 oval rugs on floors
      • umbrella stand by door
      • coat rack by door
      • bookshelf in living room
      • fireplace in living room
      • row of flowers on front house wall
    • Removable attachments:
      • 1 each - HTW327 - green chimney
      • 1 each - HTW328 - green door
      • 1 each - HTW329 - large green bay window with shutters
      • 4 each - HTW330 - medium green windows with shutters
      • 1 each - HTW331 - medium green window WITHOUT shutters
      • 1 each - HTW332 - small green window with shutters
      • 1 each - HTW131 - curved white 2nd story hand rail
  • Furniture:
    • HTW333 - Green (Light Green) bed marked, "©1973 Hasbro" on the bottom. Bed has a tall headboard, short footboard, and recessed egg-shaped bedtop (to allow Weeble figures to lay down). The bed has 4 short support "feet" (under each corner).
    • HTW248 - yellow rocking chair marked, "©Hasbro Industries Inc."
    • HTW409 - Yellow 1-piece picnic table.
  • Vehicle - HTW334 - Green (Light Green) top, white base 1-seat car. Has a white front and back bumper with raised "tag" in the center, rounded white humps over the wheels, and a green body with 2 raised hollow circle "headlights" on the front, and two small raised "taillights" on the back. Rolls on 4 small black wheels.
  • Playground Equipment:
    • Sliding Board - Sliding board with 3 orange removable "steps":
      • 1 each - HTW146 - White 3-step sliding board. Each top side of the sliding board has a triangular litho of 4 Weebles playing hopscotch". Bottom of slide is marked, "©1972 Hasbro®, MADE IN U.S.A."
      • 3 each - HTW315 - Orange "step" with 2 "knobs" on the bottom (to attach to the holes in the sliding board steps), and rounded area on top (to hold a Weeble figure in place on the sliding board step). Bottom of step is marked, "©1972 Hasbro®, MADE IN U.S.A.".
    • Swing Set - 2-seat detatchable swing set:
      • 2 each - HTW148 - A-shape swing frame with a u-shape groove at the top (to support the swing pole). The middle area of the A has a wide litho of 6 Weebles on a sidewalk. Bottom of A-shape is marked, "©1972 Hasbro®, MADE IN U.S.A.".
      • 1 each - HTW335 - Orange swing set pole with 1 large discs on each end (to attached to the swing set A-shape supports), and 4 sets of small discs (to attach the swing ropes). The center of the pole has a handle-shaped "sign" (no litho).
      • 2 each - HTW318 - ORANGE rectangular seat with a recessed rounded "seat" in the center, and a hole in all 4 corners (to attach the swing ropes). Bottom of seat is marked "MADE IN USA".
      • 4 each - HTW151 - WHITE flexible swing "rope" with molded "rope" texture. The top has a loop (to fit onto the swing set pole) with two 3" long "ropes" attached. Each end of the 2 "ropes" has a triangular "peg" (to attach to the swingset seats).
    • Teeter-Totter - 4-seat see-saw:
      • HTW319 - Orange long oval-shaped 4-seat teeter-totter top. One side has 4 recessed rounded seats, the center of the bottom side has 4 rounded "teeth" to balance the teeter-totter top onto the seperate base piece. Bottom is marked "MADE IN USA".
      • HTW153 - White triangle teeter-totter base. The two triangular sides feature a litho of 3 Weebles by a tree. Inside is hollow and marked "MADE IN USA".
    • Swimming Pool - HTW336 - Round yellow kiddie pool with a molded-in slide on one side and molded fish and water wave designs on the inside bottom of the pool. Bottom of the pool is marked "1973 ©Hasbro®".
  • Weeble Figures (No-Peel):
    • HTW5n - Dad - Blue base, brown top (hair), red shirt with cuffs and collar. Marked "©1973 Hasbro". 2" tall.
    • HTW6n - Mom - Green base, yellow top (hair), green shirt, holding flowers. Marked "©1973 Hasbro". 2" tall.
    • HTW9n - Baby - Pink base, pink top baby suit with red bow under baby's face. Baby is holding a blue balloon. Marked "©1973 Hasbro". 1-7/8" tall.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • HTW410 - (BOX ONLY) Sold in 14-1/4" wide x 10-1/4" tall x 8-1/2" deep.
  • HTW411 - COMPLETE SET sold in original 14-1/4" wide x 10-1/4" tall x 8-1/2" deep box. WFL: 07-AH-34-3-B.
  • Featured in 1981 and 1983 Sears Christmas Wish Book.
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