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#590 Weebles S.S. Littleputt
Years Made: Hasbro Toy Department
Department 7:
    Aisle A: Weebles

Peelable Weeble Set
Pictured on #596 Airport Box

SS Littleputt Side 1

SS Littleputt Side 2

SS Littleputt Inside

Description: The #590 S.S. Littleputt set includes the same cabin-cruiser that was sold with the #594 Marina.
  • S.S. Littleputt (cabin-cruiser)
    • S.S. Littleputt Base - HTW164 - Large red boat with a white deck, blue rudder and red spinning propeller on the back, and a large blue "cabin" interior. The cabin includes 2 beds, a kitchen, a table for 2, and steps up to the boat's deck. The boat has a pull string on the front and rolls on plastic wheels. Lithos:
      • 2 each - "S.S. Littleputt" (located on the front top edge of each side of the boat)
      • 2 each - Bed litho (white pillow and red bedspread with a white ancor design)
      • Rug - Round floor rug with a blue center, red/blue rings, and frayed edges
      • Tabletop - Square red/yellow checkered table top
      • Stove/Sink - Yellow rectangular litho with sink on one side and 2-burner stove on the other side
      • Oven - Yellow rectangular litho with 2 oven doors
    • S.S. Littleputt Top - HTW165 - Yellow boat top with 5 windows on the sides, a blue "wall" with doorway on the back, and a captains deck with a blue spinnable steering wheel on the top. The front window has a rectangular clear plastic "windshild" that lifts up.
    • Flag - HTW166 - Blue plastic flagpole with a wavy flag (has litho of an American flag on each side of the flag). The base of the flagpole fits into a corner above the S.S. Littleputt's "windshield".
    • Anchor - HTW167 - Flat red plastic boat anchor with a loop through the top for the attached rope (opposite end of rope has a loop to attach to a red knob on the S.S. Littleputt front deck).
    • Fishing Pole - HTW168 - Blue fishing rod with a peg under the reel that fits into an upright fishing pole stand on the S.S. Littleputt back deck. A rope fits within the reel, and runs down to the tip of the pole. The end of the rope is attached to a blue plastic (magnetic) hook.
  • Fish: Includes 4 flat "magnetic" fish (can be "caught" with the S.S. Littleputt fishing pole/hook).
  • Weeble Figures (Peelable - No plastic cover):
    • HTW1 - Dad - Blue base, brown top (hair) man with light blue shirt. The shirt cuffs and collar are red/white.
    • HTW2 - Mom - Brown base, yellow top (hair) female with a brown shirt. The shirt has a small white collar and pink flowers.
    • HTW3 - Girl - Yellow base, red top (hair) girl with a white shirt. The shirt has a small yellow collar and yellow sleeves. The girl is holding a large red apply.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
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