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#580 Weebles Haunted House
Years Made: Hasbro Toy Department
Department 7:
    Aisle A: Weebles

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House Front View

House Back View

House Inside View

Left Attic

Left 2nd Floor

Left Ground Level

Right Attic & Trunk

Right 2nd Floor

Right Ground Level

Description: The Weebles Haunted House - where a witch in a big hat and glow-in-the-dark ghost greet brother and sister Weebles! The 4-room house with attic comes complete with revolving bookcase with a secret hiding place, mirror, trunk with bats, creaking doors and chimney chute to drop Weebles into attic or upper floor.
  • Haunted House & Attachments:
    • Haunted House - HTW275 - White 2-story plastic house with a green base and dark blue roof. The front of the house has a grey front door, an extended bay window by the door, a small round window above the bay window, and a window with a small balony on the roof/attic. The flat top area above the bay window shows an edge of a white dial with raised knots on the top edge. Turn the dial to turn the mirror/bookshelf inside the house. The house is split in the middle and opens to allow play inside. Each half has 3 rooms: ground level, 2nd level, attic level. A removable belfry tower (chimney chute) attaches to the upper back side of the house. Drop a weeble down the chute to slide out of the fireplace opening on the 2nd floor.
      The house has 3 non-removable Windows: Light blue/grey haunted house windows (all fit on front side of the Haunted House):
      • Bay Window - Window with 2 round-top outer shutters and 2 board across the window. The boards have small lithos of wood signs, one marked "Beward of", other marked "Ghost".
      • Round Window - Round window with 6 off-set pane openings.
      • Attic Window - Window with a rounded top and 1 board across the window. The board has a small lithos of a wooden board.
    • Haunted House Removable Attachments:
      • Chimney (Belfry Tower) - HTW276 - Squared hollow white simulated wooden belfry tower (chimney chute) with a square opening on end end, and an triangular "brace" on the bottom (doubles as slide into fireplace opening on Haunted House). One side of the tower has an open window.
      • Chimney (Belfry Tower) Roof - HTW277 - Squared hollow dark blue simulated shingled roof piece (fits on top of the Belfry Tower/chute). The roof has a square opening on top and bottom (to drop Weeble figures through).
      • Picket Fence - HTW278 - Short white picket fence piece with "broken" rails. Fits on green base beside the front door.
  • Furniture:
    • Couch - HTW419 - Brown 2-seat sofa couch with arm rests and a high backrest.
    • Chair - HTW420 - Blue 1-seat sofa chair with molded arm rests and 4 short corner "legs".
    • Bed - HTW421 - Dark green bed marked, "©1973 Hasbro" on the bottom. Bed has a tall headboard, short footboard, and recessed egg-shaped bedtop (to allow Weeble figures to lay down). The bed has 4 short support "feet" (under each corner).
    • Trunk - HTW279 - Brown treasure chest with a rounded lid. The lid has a latch on one side and is hinged on the other side. When the lid is open, it reveals a pile of gold coins inside. Inside the lid has a yellow rectangular litho with 2 black bats.
  • Witch Hat - HTW280 - Round black hat with a flat rim and tall pointed top. Inside the rim has 2 small pegs (to attach to witch Weeble figure).
  • Weeble Figures (NON-Peelable - figures have a plastic cover):
    • HTW27 - Witch - Red base, brown top (hair) female witch figure. Has a red cape over a yellow shirt. Wears black necklace with bat-shaped pendant. Holds black pot in one hand and a broom in the other. The "hair" area has 2 small rectangular holes (to attach a hat). Marked "©1976 Hasbro, Pat. 3,805,444".
    • HTW28 - Ghost - White base, white top, glow-in-the-dark ghost. Has thin black outline of ghost face and 2 arms.
    • HTW29 - Scared Brother (boy) - Blue base, red top (hair) boy with mouth open and hands near mouth ("scared" expression). He has a blue shirt, blue overalls with blue suspenders and a frog in one pocket. Has a red hankerchif in back pocket. Marked "©1976 Hasbro, Pat. 3,805,444".
    • HTW30 - Scared Sister (girl) - Green base, yellow top (hair) girl with glasses, mouth open and hands near mouth ("scared" expression). She wears a white shirt, green overalls with green suspenders and a red heart on her chest. She has a red bow on the end of each long braid.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • HTW417 - (Box ONLY) - Sold in a 15" tall x 13-1/2" wide x 9-1/2" deep display box (pics on 2 sides, print graphics on 2 sides).
  • HTW418 - Complete set in original 15" tall x 13-1/2" wide x 9-1/2" deep display box.
  • Featured in 1976 JcPenny's Christmas Wish Book (page 352) - Price $11.88.
  • Featured in 1977 JcPenny's Christmas Wish Book (page 362) - Price $11.88.
  • Featured in 1977 Sears Christmas Wish Book (page 491) - Price $10.94.
  • Haunted House TV Commercial: http://archive.org/details/dmbb24115.
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