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#577 Weebles Circus
Years Made: Hasbro Toy Department
Department 7:
    Aisle A: Weebles

Set Box Side 1

Set Box Side 2

Set w/ Box

Circus Tent Half #2

Description: Step right up and come into the Weebles Circus Tent. Watch Weebles perform on the flying trapeze and the trampoline with stunt hoop. Weebles walk on stilts with big funny feet and can get shot out of a cannon. There's a Wobbles the Clown Weeble, a ringmaster, and an acrobat.
  • HTW299 - Circus Tent - 9-1/2" wide x 9-1/2" tall red half-circle circus tent half with a yellow roof and a yellow floor edge (leaving half-circle opening for the removable floor/center state piece). The inside top center of the tent roof has an attached white plastic "trapeze" swing (1-seat with 2 molded "rope" swing ropes). This half has an attached white carry handle on top of the tent roof and has a ticket booth window (barred window) molded into the outside wall. The edge of the red tent walls has a molded "rope" design, and a 2" long red flexible plastic molded "rope" (C-clamp on end of rope). This "rope" connects to a peg on the other Circus Tent Half (to keep the circus tent closed for storage and transport).
  • 4 each - HTW302 - Flag - White plastic "wavy" flag with 2 "ties" to a short flag pole. The flagpole has a round ball on top and a flared out end with a small peg on the bottom (peg fits into holes on Circus Tent roof). Each flag should have a small round white litho with a blue "w" in the center.
  • Circus Props:
    • Cannon - HTW303 - White plastic cannon with 2 light blue wheels on the sides. Each side of the cannon barrel has a red rectangular litho with a blue edge and "Wobbles" in yellow. The back of the cannon barrel has a red button (to shoot Weeble figure out of the cannon).
    • Trampoline with Mat:
      • Trampoline - HTW304 - Blue rectangular trampoline base with with a raised edge on all sides. The outside of the raised edges has a total of 12 "pegs" (4 on each side of the trampoline base) to attach the mat. The bottom edge has a fancy scalloped design and a short "leg" under each corner. One outside edge of the base has an attached peg with a hole in the center (to attach stunt hoop or flag to edge of trampoline). Measures 5-1/2" long x 3-5/8" wide x 7/8" tall. Bottom is marked, "©1977, Hasbro Ind. Inc., Pawtucket, R.I., All Rights Reserved".
      • Trampoline Mat - HTW305 - Green rubber trampoline with 12 short "arms" on the edges (4 on each long side, 2 on each end). Each "arm" has a hole in the center to fit over pegs on the trampoline base.
    • Stunt Hoop - HTW306 - Thin red plastic ring with a short "arm" on one edge. The end of the "arm" has a small peg to attach the hoop to the circus center stage or to the trampoline.
    • Funny Feet Stilts - HTW307 - Yellow plastic stilts with a round top (recessed circle for Weeble figure to fit onto) attached to 2 long skinny legs with extra large feet on the end. Measures 6-1/4" tall.
    • Ringmaster Pedestal - HTW308 - Small light blue thimble-shaped ringmaster pedestal stand. Has a wide round base with a small round top (recessed circle on top for Weeble figure to fit onto). Sides of pedestal has scalloped design. Measures 1-1/2" diameter.
  • 3 Disney Weeble Figures (NON-Peelable - figures have a plastic cover):
    • HTW33 - Wobbles The Clown - Blue base, red top (hair) wearing a white shirt with red polka-dots, and orange bowtie and white gloves.
    • HTW34 - Gina the Acrobat - Yellow base, yellow top (hair) wearing a white sleeveless top with yellow trim and a yellow belt.
    • HTM35 - Circus Ringmaster - Blue base, black top (hair) wearing a red fancy jacket with white shoulder pads and "rope", white collar, and white chest buttons. Holds a red hat in one hand and a baton and whip in the other hand.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • Featured in 1977 JcPenny's Christmas Wish Book (page 362) - Price $8.88.
  • Featured in 1977 Sears Christmas Wish Book (page 491) - Price $7.94.
  • TV Commercial: http://archive.org/details/dmbb20013.
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