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#526 Weebles Ghost Van
Years Made: Hasbro Toy Department
Department 7:
    Aisle A: Weebles

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Side 2 - Door Up

Description: The Weebles Ghost Van is a small set with "spooky" glow-in-the-dark features! The Weebles ghost glows, and special lithos on the purple ghost van glow too! The Ghost Van is a purple version of the White Ice Cream Truck sold in 1977's Super Weeble Hero set.
  • Ghost Van - HTW359 - Small light purple 1-seat "van" that rolls on 4 small black wheels (wheels marked "Weebles") with light purple hub caps. One side of the van has a rectangular "door" that lifts up and has a barred window behind the door. Inside the van has a slide and swing-out door on the back for Weebles to slide and fall out the back door. Lithos:
    • Weebles Ghost Van Litho - Litho shaped like an old haunted house window with shutters. Has a ghost peeking out bottom of window, and boards across the windows spell "Weebles Ghost Van" in pink. Fits on doorless side of the ghost van.
    • Beware! Litho - Litho shaped like a small haunted house window with shade pulled half-way down, 2 sets of "spooky" eyes, and a board above the window marked "BEWARE!". Fits on the trap-door side of the ghost van.
  • Ghost Weeble - HTW28 - White base, white top, glow-in-the-dark ghost with thin black face and arm outlines.
Variations: None.

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