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#8854 Get Better Bear™
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 3:
Games & Puzzles

Game Board




Description: This medical-inspired game comes with a soft cloth game board, medical-related game pieces, and a cloth medical bag to store all of the game pieces. Spin the dial on the color-coded "medical chart" spinner and players advance to nearest space matching that color (similar to Candyland).
  • FPT22705 - 17" wide x 18-1/2" tall blue cloth game board with a teddy bear in the center and a path around the teddy bear of purple, green, and yellow "stepping blocks". Includes pictures of a black medical bag, cotton balls, and q-tip. WFL: 07-AI-04-1-J.
  • FPT44044 - Black cloth medical bag with blue plastic handle on top. The side of the medical bag has a red/white Fisher-Price awning logo and pictures a girl holding a teddy bear. Inside of bag has a tag marked, "8854, ©1996".
  • FPT44045 - Cardboard Medical Chart with red plastic arrow spinner (pencil) in the center. Spin arrow to point to purple, green, or yellow areas on the "medical chart".
  • 2 Band-Aids:
    • FPT44046 - Tan/peach hard plastic oblong band-aid (rounded ends).
    • FPT44047 - Tan/peach hard plastic squared band-aid (rounded ends).
  • 2 Bandages:
    • FPT44048 - White hard plastic plus-shaped (+) bandage.
    • FPT44049 - White hard plastic rectangular bandage strips.
  • 4 Game-Pieces (White hard plastic game pieces that stand upright, have 2 hollow "feet" on the bottom, to insert the lillopop, and printed lithos on both sides):
    • FPT44050 - Stethoscope
    • FPT44051 - Thermometer
    • FPT44052 - Syringe
    • FPT44053 - Reflex hammer
  • FPT44054 - Lollipop - White hard plastic lollipop with a litho on each side: red/white swirrled lollipop litho on one side and yellow dog mouth with red tongue on other side.
  • FPT45370 - Instructions Booklet.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
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