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#8057 Wild Puffalump "Lion"
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 2:
Dolls, Figures & Stuffed Animals

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T-Shirt Offer

Description: This is one of six different Wild Puffalump animals that were sold in 1987's #8050 Wild Puffalumps Assortment. The lion was available in orange and yellow, or in pink and orange. He is lightweight, soft, stuffed, and is about 15" tall. He was sold with a pair of yellow "blinky" sunglasses and a short-sleeve Puffalump-size Hawaiian shirt. The lion and his shirt are machine washable and dryer safe.

The Wild Puffalumps are the 2nd group of Puffalumps ever made by Fisher-Price, the first were 1986's #8000 Puffalumps Assortment with pastel-colored animals. While the Puffalumps from the #8000 Assortment were sold until 1988, the Wild Puffalumps were only sold in 1987. The Wild Puffalumps themselves are not terribly hard to find, but it is difficult to find the Hawaiian shirts, and even more difficult to find the sunglasses! Designed for children ages 2 years and older.

  • FPT10185 - Orange Puffalump lion with a white snout, white tummy, yellow "paws", and a yellow yarn "mane" around his head with white in the top middle. He has brown stitched eyes, a pink triangular nose, and a pink stitched mouth. He has a long orange tail with white yarn on the end of the tail, and he has a Puffalump trademark symbol on the bottom of his left foot, click here for a photo of the symbol.
  • FPT10187 - Aqua-green Puffalump-size Hawaiian shirt with black leaf designs and purple flower designs.
  • FPT14892 - Yellow "blinky" Puffalump sunglasses with palm tree designs on the corners. The lens have "Wild" on an orange, pink, and yellow background when turned one way, and has a picture of a Puffalump Lion on a surf board when turned a different way.
  • Passport to Fun:
    • FPT45119 - Envelope - Small white envelope with a blue front and cartoon Carribean scene marked, "My Wild Puffalump's Passport to Fun". Also marked, "Contents: Map, Activities Folder, Postcards, Stickers, and Special Shirt Offer".
    • FPT45120 - Map - Full-color fold-out cartoon map of Wild Puffalumps on an island. Bottom right corner of the map is marked, "The Isle of Wild - A Guide to the World of The Wild Puffalumps". Other side of map includes an "Activities Folder" with an intro story titled, "Welcome to the World of the Wild Puffalumps", instructions for how to use the Wild Puffalumps Post Cards, Party List, and Wash & Care instructions.
    • Postcards - White rectangular cardboard postcard with a black/white picture on one side of cartoon Wild Puffalump characters for children to color. Top left corner is marked, "Greetings from the Isle of Wild". Bottom right corner is marked, "©1987 Fisher-Price, Division of The Quaker Oats Co.".
      • FPT45121 - Picture features Rhino, Parrot and Elephant Wild Puffalumps.
      • FPT45122 - Picture features Lion, Panda and Monkey Wild Puffalumps.
    • FPT45123 - Stickers - Sticker sheet featuring 6 full-color Wild Puffalump characters.
    • FPT45124 - Special Shirt Offer - Small rectangular brochure to allow for purchase of a child-size Puffalump shirt.
Variations: none
Other Information:
  • FPT10201 - (Box ONLY) Sold in a 11" long, 14-3/4" high, 8-3/8" deep open display box. The box has a purple backdrop marked, "Squeeze Me" in the top left corner. Also marked, "8050 Asst." in upper left corner. Bottom front of box features clouds, a hotair balloon, and marked, "The Wild Puffalumps".
  • FP8057SET1987 - (Complete Set) Complete set in original display box.
  • Also sold in #8050 Wild Puffalumps Assortment.
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