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#75006 Berrykris & Sleigh -1999 Exclusive
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 2:
Dolls, Figures & Stuffed Animals

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Description: Berrykris is Santa's helper and helped to deliver toys on Christmas Eve 1999 on her sleigh. She comes dressed in a red velvet dress with white trim and a Santa hat! She also comes with a red velvet toy bag to put the accessory candycane, teddybear, nutcracker, and more into. Just like the other Briarberry Collection bears, she has a soft and huggable plush body and adorable teddybear face.
  • FPT14823 - Tan plush stuffed Berrykris Briarberry Bear with a tan head, arms, and legs and a white fabric body with multi-colored berry prints. She has a brown nose and GREEN eyes. The bottom of one foot is marked "1999" to remember the last Christmas of the 1900's, and the bottom of the other foot is marked "Berrykris". She has jointed legs to allow her to sit or stand. Measures 9-1/2" tall. Has a white satin tush tag with a red Fisher-Price awning logo and marked, "©1998, 75006".
  • FPT14824 - Red long-sleeve velvet dress with white fluffy trim around the cuffs, a black belt, green velvet leaves under the collar, and a pink flower with gold trim embroidered on the bottom of the dress. The back of the dress has a Velcro® brand fastener.
  • FPT14825 - Red velvet Santa hat with white fluffy trim and a white fluffy ball on the top. The hat has a white elastic band to help the hat stay attached to Briarberry Bear's head.
  • FPT14826 - Tan wood-simulated sleigh with a green backrest, silver plastic blades on the bottom, and a red velvet rope on the front to pull the sleigh. Marked "75006, ©1998 MATTEL, INC., CHINA" on the bottom. Measures 9" long, 6-1/2" wide, 4" high.
  • FPT14827 - Red velvet toy bag with a 1/8" wide yellow satin ribbon draw string. Measures 6" long, 4" wide.
  • FPT14828 - Red and white plastic candycane with a green molded ribbon. Measures 3" long.
  • FPT14829 - Cream-colored plastic teddybear with brown dot eyes, a brown nose, and a green molded ribbon on top of it's head. Marked "©1998 MATTEL, INC., CHINA" on the bottom. Measures 1-3/4" tall.
  • FPT14830 - Plastic nutcracker with brown hair, brown moustache, and brown beard. He wears a black tophat with Holly on the front, a red jacket with light yellow buttons on the chest and trim on the shoulders, white pants, and black boots. Marked "©1998 MATTEL, INC., CHINA" on the back. Measures 2-7/8" tall.
  • FPT14831 - Green gift box with red molded "ribbon" on the sides and a red, green and gold plaid fabric ribbon permanently attached to the top. The top of the gift box is hinged and opens. Measures 3-1/4" high, 2" wide, 2" deep.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • FP75006SET1999 - Complete set sold in original box. WFL: 07-AE-17-2-C.
  • Tidbits about Berrykris:
    • Her favorite color is red.
    • Favorite food is candy canes.
    • Favorite word is "Delivery".
    • Hobby is giving presents.
  • Also see #75010 Merryberry The Night Before Christmas.
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