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#74723 Once Upon A Dream™ Starlight Princess
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:

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Description: This set includes a beautiful Once Upon A Dream™ pretty princess figure that has long brushable hair and a removable skirt. She was sold with a royal bed, a soft blanket, a candle stand, and a comb. Designed to be used alone or as accessories with the #4700 Once Upon A Dream™ Palace. Designed for children ages 3 years and older.
  • FPT12331 - Starlight Princess - Asian Once Upon A Dream™ Princess figure with long straight black brushable hair wearing a purple crown with a white star on the front. Princess wears a blue short-sleeve shirt with tight purple sleeves that make a V at the wrist. She has a purple belt, blue shorts, white tights, and ? shoes. She has jointed shoulders, hips, and a movable neck. Measures 4-1/4" tall.
  • FPT12332 - Small clear plastic purple-tinted comb. The comb is rounded with 5 round decorations across the top that resembles a crown.
  • FPT12333 - Irridescent blue skirt with an elastic waist, a pink ribbon bow in the front, and a small white mesh skirt over the top part of the skirt.
  • FPT12334 - White plastic bed with a clear plastic purple-tinted rounded head and foot board. The top of the headboard and footboard have a star design. The bed has a permanently attached blue bedspread (attached at the foot of the bed). Measures 5" long, 3" wide, 3-1/8" tall (headboard).
  • FPT12335 - Tall pink candle stand with a purple candle on top that "burns" a yellow flame.
  • FPT16540 - Square X-shaped pink hat rack base with 4 short legs, one on each corner of the center square. The center of the square has a round raised hollow peg to put the FPT16539 hat rack or FPT12335 candlestick pole into. Measures 2-3/8" from one end of the X to the other end.
Variations: None.
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