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#73319 Sizzle 'n Glow Grill
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:

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Description: Anyone ready for a BBQ? Kids will want to cook a pretend outdoors meal on their Sizzle 'n Glow Grill. The grill has briquettes under the grill that light up red when the grill is turned on, and it makes a sizzling sound when children flip the food on the grill. Whether rain, snow, sleet, or shine, this grill will "cook-up" lots of fun for little chefs! Designed for children ages 2 years and older. Requires two AA-size alkaline batteries (not included).
  • FPT13980 - Grill (assembled) with 3 long white pole legs that holds the grill up to child standing level. The grill body is green, rounded on the bottom, and has areas on two sides to hold accessory utencils and other items. The front of the grill has 2 holes to hold utencils, and a yellow button in the center that makes the briquettes under the grill turn red and make a sizzling sound. The top of the grill has a black rack to "cook items on. The grill has a red dome-shaped lid that lifts up with a hinged black upper grill that lifts to slow-cook items. The 3 white pole supporting legs holds a blue triangular tray under the grill for extra storage. Requires two AA-size alkaline batteries (not included).
  • Hotdog & Bun:
    • FPT13981 - Brown grilled hotdog with 5 black "grill lines" on the sides.
    • FPT7089 - Light brownish-yellow hot dog bun with a rounded area in the center that a hot dog "snaps" into (snaps under raised bar on inside of each side of the bun - bars help hold hot dog in place). The bottom half of the bun has a molded seam around the sides and ends.
  • Cheeseburger:
    • FPT13982 - Round brown grilled hamburger patty with black "grill lines" on the sides.
    • FPT7044 - Round light brown top hambugar bun with lots of sesame seeds on top.
    • FPT7022 - Round light brown bottom hamburger bun.
    • FPT7052 - Square yellowish-orange thin slice of cheese.
  • Chicken:
    • 2 each - FPT13983 - Brown chicken leg with black grill lines on it.
  • FPT7284 - Tall round yellow squeezable mustard bottle with a round cone-shaped pour tip on the top.
  • FPT13985 - Blue plastic spatula with a handle that has a large hole on the end. The handle has an apple imprint below the hole. The spatula head has 3 oblong indentions.
  • FPT7064 - Red plastic tongs. The end is rounded and the 2 top pieces pinch together to pick up food.
Variations: None.
Other Information: None.
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