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#73317 Cookin' Chicken
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:
Description: The Cookin' Chicken set includes a chicken drum stick that "magically" appears cooked after it is dunked into the accessory deep fryer pot (filled with ice cold water). Pour ice water over the mashed potatoes to see gravy appear! Designed for children ages 2 years and older.
  • Food Items:
    • FPT12506 - White / Light brown fried chicken drumstick (leg). The drumstick is 2 halves molded together with a visable seam. The drumstick is textured with ripples to look like a real piece of fried chicken. White chicken drumstick appear "cooked" (light brown) when dunked into ice cold water. Same size/shape as FPT7097 chicken leg, but changes color and has a white bone on one end. Measures 4-1/4" long.
    • FPT12507 - White mound of mashed potatoes with an indention in the top center. When ice cold water is poured over the potatoes, brown gravy will appear in the top center indention. Note: Same size/shape as FPT7271 mashed potatoes, but with "magic gravy" on the top flat area.
    • FPT7098 - Yellow ears of corn on the cob with molded corn on the sides.
  • Dishes & Utencils:
    • FPT12508 - Large round 2" deep black cooking pot with 2 handles, one on each side (no design on handles). The bottom of the pot has 4 small short "legs" on 4 sides. The inside bottom of the pot is marked with a Fisher-Price logo (twice). Measures 2" tall x 6-3/16" long (handle to handle) x 5" wide.
    • FPT11867 - Round light blue plate with no decorations nor imprint molds. The edges of the plate are slightly raised higher than the center of the plate.
    • FPT7064 - Red plastic tongs. The end is rounded and the 2 top pieces pinch together to pick up food.
    • FPT13247 - Aqua-green plastic 4-spoke fork with an imprint of a heart shape and 4 "leaves" below it on the end of the handle. The end of the handle is rounded.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
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