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#73316 Breakfast Surprise
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:

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Description: The Breakfast Surprise set includes a bowl of cereal that kids pour ice cold water over to make the cereal change to 3 different colors. The set also includes a bagel, a cereal box, a plate, bowl, spoon, knife, and a drinking glass. Designed for children ages 2 years and older.
  • Cereal & Cereal Box:
    • FPT12497 - Tall blue rectangular plastic cereal box with a flip-up lid on top. The front has a litho with a picture of Breakfast Surprise cereal (tan cereal with green, pink, and yellow animal prints), a glass of orange juice, and a red and white Fisher-Price awning logo with "Fisher-Price" in white.
    • FPT12498 - Round mound of cereal molded together that fits inside the FPT12497 cereal container or a bowl. The cereal has round tan donut-shaped rings that resemble Cheerios™. When cold water is poured over the cereal, green, pink, and yellow animal shapes appear in the cereal!
  • Bagel:
    • 2 each - FPT12499 - Round light brown (tan) bagel half. The top of the bagel has a recessed hole, just like a real bagel (center of hole is marked, "CHINA"). The the bottom is flat, as if the bagel had been cut in half, with white cream cheese spread in the center.
  • Dishes:
    • FPT14460 - White bowl. The outer edges of the bowl are curved out and a bit downward.
    • FPT11867 - Round light blue plate with no decorations nor imprint molds. The edges of the plate are slightly raised higher than the center of the plate.
    • FPT12502 - Tall orange plastic drinking glass with a smooth rim around the top, and ribbed sides.
    • FPT12503 - Lavender (light purple) knife with a jagged edge and with a large "Fisher-Price" imprint on the handle. The knife handle is squared where the handle meets the knife "blade". This knife is a bit larger than other Fun With Food knives.
    • FPT12504 - Purple spoon with a heart and "leaves" imprint on the end of the handle.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
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