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#73309 All-in-One Dinner
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:
Description: This set includes a large variety of pretend food and utencils needed to prepare a delicous dinner for two. Designed for children ages 2 years and older.
  • Dishes:
    • FPT11255 - Small round yellow plate with no decorations nor imprint molds. The edges of the plate are slightly raised higher than the center of the plate.
    • 2 each - FPT13252 - Small round white cup with a handle on the side. The handle has a thin piece of plastic that attaches between the side of the cup and the inside of the handle. The sides of the cup are straight up and down, not curved nor rounded. The bottom of the cup has a small round base that is smaller than the sides of the cup.
    • FPT13255 - Round aqua-green cooking pot with 2 handles, one on each side. Approximately 2 to 3 inches deep. The bottom of the pan has 4 small short "legs" on 4 sides.
  • Coffee/Teapot & Lid:
    • FPT13253 - Round blue coffee pot with a pour spout on one side and a handle on the other side. There is a thin piece of plastic between the handle and the side of the coffee pot.
    • FPT7315 - Round white coffee pot lid with a small round handle in the middle to lift the lid. The bottom side of the lid has a recessed lip to fit on a coffee pot.
  • Utencils:
    • 2 each - FPT10785 - Blue plastic 4-spoke fork with an imprint of a heart shape and 4 "leaves" below it on the end of the handle.
    • 2 each - FPT10786 - Blue plastic knife with ribbed edges on the end of one side. There is a tiny heart with 4 "leaves" under the heart molded on the end of the knife handle.
    • FPT13249 - Yellow knife with a jagged edge and a large "Fisher-Price" imprint on the handle. The knife handle is squared where the handle meets the knife "blade". This knife is a bit larger than other Fun With Food knives.
    • FPT7275 - Blue plastic tongs. The end is rounded and the 2 top pieces pinch together to pick up food.
    • FPT7463 - Yellow strainer spoon with lots of round strainer holes in the spoon to drain liquid. The handle is oval-shaped with a raised "Fisher-Price" indention, and a hold in the end of the handle.
  • Hamburger & Fixings:
    • FPT7023 - Brown round hamburger patty.
    • FPT7044 - Light brown top sesame seed hamburger bun.
    • FPT7022 - Light brown lower hamburger bun.
    • FPT7051 - Light green flexable plastic lettuce leaf that is flat with rippled lettuce vein textures on both sides.
    • FPT7291 - Round red tomato slice with imprints of tomatoe seeds on both sides.
  • French Fries & Ketchup:
    • 2 each - FPT7280 - Golden brown french fry (this is one individual ripple edge french fry...not molded together with other fries.
    • FPT7255 - Tall round squeezable red ketchup bottle with a round cone-shaped pour tip on the top.
  • Chicken Dinner:
    • FPT7097 - Light brown fried chicken drumstick (leg).
    • FPT7098 - Yellow ears of corn on the cob with molded corn on the sides.
    • FPT7271 - White mound of mashed potatos with a flat indention in the top center.
    • 2 each - FPT7272 - Green strings of attached green peas (each bean string has about 5 round green peas molded together). These peas fit inside of the FPT7273 pea pods so children can shell their own green peas!
    • 2 each - FPT7273 - Green pea pods. These are half of a green bean-looking shell that the FPT7272 pea strings snaps into.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • FPT13256 - Sold in a 20" long, 14" high, 2-3/4" deep window box.
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