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#72859 Rescue Heroes "Comet Space Monkey"
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:

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Description: Comet Space Monkey made a strange appearance into the Rescue Heroes line. Comet has never been pictured in any of the Fisher-Price dealer catalogues and there are no Comet Space Monkey collector cards.

The Comet Space Monkey set was sold with a Lunar vehicle that seats Comet and any of the Rescue Heroes figures. A Rescue Heroes equipment pack can be attached to the back of the Lunar vehicle. The vehicle comes with a removable rescue satellite that can be launched from the back of the vehicle. Designed for children ages 3 years and older.

  • FPT16777 - Comet Space Monkey - Monkey figure with a bright red spacesuit that has a blue collar, blue belts, and blue knee pads. There is a silver ring around each hand, and a black ring around each foot. Comet does not have any movable body parts. Measures about 3-1/2" tall.
  • FPT16778 - Clear plastic space helmet that fits onto Comet Space Monkey. The helmet has silver shoulders and a yellow chest area with a round silver design on the side. Measures 2" high, 2-1/4" wide.
  • FPT16779 - White Lunar vehicle that rolls on 4 wide silver wheels. The vehicle has a seat area with a blue backrest, blue hoses on the sides, and a blue leg divider on the front that has a red Rescue Heroes logo (red circle with a "R" in the center). The back of the vehicle has a grey backpack holder with a hole on top and a yellow button on the bottom. The accessory rescue satellite fits into the top hole, and it flies up into the air when the yellow button is pressed.
  • FPT16780 - Small grey t-shaped rescue satellite with a small peg on one end that fits into a hole on the back of the Lunar vehicle.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • FP72859BOX1998 (Box ONLY) - Sold on a 8-1/2" long, 7" wide blister card.
  • FP72859SET1998 - Complete set in original blister card. WFL: 07-AE-23-5-A
  • The blister card has a clear plastic inner liner that holds Comet and the Lunar vehicle in a display pose.
  • The set came with a 5-1/2" wide cardboard insert that has the name of the set, and Fisher-Price company information on the bottom.
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