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#6787 / #76787 Friends Collection Figure Pack
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 2:
Dolls, Figures & Stuffed Animals

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Description: This is a set of 6 different three-dimensional 3" tall Puzzle Place characture figures. The Puzzle Place is a PBS series for young children who teach children to celebrate diversity, appriciate the differences between various nationalities, learn the importance of self-esteem, cooperation, and respect for others. Designed for children ages years and older.
Accessories: 6 plastic three-dimensional figures, approximately 3 inches tall:
  • FPT11609 - Jody - Girl with reddish-blonde curly hair wearing a purple hat, purple pants, a purple vest with pink flowers, and a pink long-sleeve shirt.
  • FPT11610 - Julie - Asian girl with long black hair, slanted eyes, an orange long-sleeve shirt, a multi-colored vest, a blue skirt, red socks, and black shoes.
  • FPT11611 - Kiki - Girl with long black hair in ponytails, wearing an orange jacket over a yellow shirt, a pink, orange, and yellow striped skirt, and white boots.
  • FPT11612 - Ben - Boy with short blonde hair, silver glasses, green pants, and a green and white checkered long-sleeve shirt. He wears brown shoes, and a brown belt.
  • FPT11613 - Leon - African-American boy with black hair, brown eyes, wearing a blue jacket with green sleeves, a multi-colored shirt, blue pants, and white shoes.
  • FPT11614 - Skye - Native-American boy with straight black hair, an aqua headband around his forehead, a black shirt, yellow jacket, blue pants, and brown shoes. He wears a nacklace with an arrowhead, and holds a flower pot in his hands.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • Each set in this assortment was sold in a 11-1/5" long, 6" high, 2" deep window box.
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