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#5172 Dining Room
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:
Description: This is a set of dining room furniture and accessories designed to be used with #5166 Magic Key Mansion or other Precious Places® sets. This set includes a table with drop leaf ends, 2 highback chairs, a hutch, and a serving cart that rolls on 2 wheels. The set also includes several tiny accessory pieces that are so small that many were probably lost the first day that the set was opened. These tiny accessories fall into the "hard-to-find" catagory. This set was designed for children ages 5 years and older.

This one-year-only set is so hard to find that we have never seen the set nor any accessories to this set. We are beginning to wonder whether this set was ever mass producted?

  • FPT6877 - Pink table with a pedistal base and a removable drop leaf on two ends. The table top has scalloped decorative edges.
  • 2 each - FPT6878 - Pink table-top drop leaves that attach to the table mentioned above.
  • 2 each - FPT6879 - Pink highback chairs with criss-crossed wicket on the backs and a heart shape at the top of the backrest. These chairs do not have a seat to sit on, the seat is curved to allow Precious Places® figures to stand infront of the chair as if sitting in it.
  • FPT6880 - Tall, slender pink hutch with 2 tall removable doors that cover the 2 display shelves in the middle of the hutch. The bottom section of the hutch has a removablepink double drawer for storage.
  • 2 each - FPT6881 - Tall pink door frames that attach to the hutch.
  • FPT6882 - Pink drawer with 2 drawer prints on the front that slides into a section on the bottom of the hutch.
  • FPT6883 - Pink serving cart that rolls on 2 blue wheels. The cart has an upper tray and a lower tray for the accessory dinner ware.
  • FPT6884 - Purple candle opera with 3 attached candles.
  • 4 each - FPT6885 - Purple wine goblets.
  • 2 each - FPT6886 - Purple rectangular plate mats with attached silverware rolls.
  • FPT6887 - Purple salad in an attached bowl.
  • 4 other blue unidentifyable items.
  • FPT6888 - Pink key with a magnet on one end and a handle on the other end. The handle is marked "Precious Places®" on one side and has a litho on the other side.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • FPT6889- Sold in a 8-3/8" long, 10-3/8" high, 2-1/2" deep box.
  • FPT17220 - Boxed sets were sold with white plastic liners that have an area to place a Precious Places® key and a square recessed area for set accessories. Measures 7-3/8" long, 6-3/4" wide, 2-3/8" deep.
  • This set was also sold in #5170 Precious Places® Furniture Assortment.
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