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#5149 Crash Zone Launcher
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:
Description: This is Crash Zone daredevil stunt site set that includes a high performance accessory car and driver figure. The driver ejects from the car on impact. The set was designed to be used either alone, or as an added accessory stunt props for the #5135 Crash Zone Rally. The Crash Zone Launcher comes with a large black ramp that ejects the stunt car into the air. The set also includes a collapsing 4x4 truck. The car requires one AA-size battery (not included). Designed for children ages 5 years and older.
  • Long black ramp that is pneumatically controlled by an air plunger - pushing the plunger at the right time will make the car jump into the air. The ramp has a small hinged yellow ramp on the end.
  • 3 each - Silver barrels with a black rim around the middle marked "FLAMABLE" in red.
  • Red collapsable 4x4 truck marked "BATTLE WAGON" on the side. The truck will collaspe when the accessory stunt car hits it, the pieces that makes a complete truck are as follows:
    • Hood, roof, and windshield piece.
    • Back cab and roll bar.
    • Black truck base with 4 big rolling wheels.
  • 7 each - Short black guard rail sections that connect between the two green steering wheel bases. The rails prevent the cars from driving out of the daredevil stunt arena. The sides of the guard rails are marked with tiny rectangular car related billboards.
  • FPT22070 - White Ford Probe stunt car with blue around the bottom, a blue windshielf, and blue back windows. The hood and sides have a red stripe, and the side of the door is marked "Probe". The front part of the car is hinged to allow access to the accessory driver's seat, and to throw the driver from the car when the car crashes. WFL: 07-AK-02-7-K
  • Driver figure who ejects out the front when the car crashes. This figure is wearing a white long sleeve jumpsuit with blue markings on the chest.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
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