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#4003 Stephan
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 2:
Dolls, Figures & Stuffed Animals

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Description: #241 My Bathing Baby was one of three new dolls introduced in the United States in 1985. #4030 Julie is the European girl version and #4003 Stephan is the European BOY version of this doll, all from the Fisher-Price "Care" doll series.

Stephan is an all-plastic boy doll with short blonde brushable hair and movable arms and legs. He is designed for children to play with in the tub as he is completely water tight and can go straight from the tub to bed. He was sold with a removable jumpsuit and shirt, shoes, a towel (wash cloth), and a pretend soap bottle (boat-shaped). Clothing accessories are machine washable and dryer safe. Designed for children ages 3 years and older.

  • FPT30494 - Stephan - All-plastic BOY doll (anatomically correct) with short straight brushable light brown hair, movable arms and legs, and blue realistic marble-like weighted eyes that open and close as baby sits up or lays down. Face features a realistic nose, puckered lips, rosey cheeks, and 4-line eye brows. Marked on the back of the head, "A 32501 FISHER PRICE TOYS ©1984".
  • FPT30495 - Sleeveless overalls (jumpsuit) with blue and green horizontal stripes. The jumpsuit has shoulder suspenders that loop thru white trip on jumpsuit's chest area). Jumper has white trim around each pant leg. Center of chest includes an embroidered design of 3 hearts.
  • FPT19128 - White short-sleeve shirt with light gathered elastic around the sleeve cuffs and a thin pink lace ribbon around the collar.
  • 2 each - FPT30497 - White soft plastic (bendable) shoe with a rounded toe and heel. Top edge of shoes (around ankles) has a straight edge. Top front of shoe includes a molded shoe string. Shoe is fully enclosed (NO "air" holes around toe).
  • FPT19136 - Small white rectangular towel with three colored hollow hearts embroidered on one end. The hearts are blue, pink and yellow and are overlapping eachother.
  • FPT30496 - Blue plastic soap bottle that is shaped like a tug boat. The boat has a raised upper cabin's area with an opening on top for the removable flip-up lid. Boat has a molded 'windshield' on front of raised cabin area and round molded 'porthole' on each side of the cabin. Both sides of the front bow area has a molded anchor.
  • FPT19138 - Small round white plastic lid with ribbed sides and an attached ring that fits around the top of the soap bottle.

Variations: None.

Other Information:
  • FP4003BOX1985 - (Box ONLY) - This doll was sold in a 9-3/4" long, 14-1/2" high, 7-1/2" deep display box. Box is white with a display window on front and top half. Front of box (above display window) is marked "Stephan". Box marked ©1984.
  • FP4003SET1985 - Complete set in box described above.
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