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#2155 McDonald's® Happy Meal
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:

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Description: Now children can have a pretend Happy meal for their baby dolls and friends. This set includes a red plastic Happy Meal box along with pretend food that fits inside. The apple pie has an extra surprising features, it doubles as a musical flute! Designed for children ages 3 to 7 years old.
  • FPT7043 - Red rectangular plastic Happy Meal container with a yellow M-shaped handle on top, and multi-colored lithos on 4 sides of McDonald's characters in a marching band. Back litho is marked, "1989 FISHER-PRICE DIVISION OF THE QUAKER OATS CO. 2155". Measures 7" tall (to top of handle) x 5" wide x 3-1/4" deep.
  • McDonald's Hamburger:
    • FPT7044 - Round light brown top hambugar bun with lots of molded sesame seeds on top. The edges of the bun have a mold seam. The bottom of the bun has a "spongy" molded texture.
    • FPT7022 - Light brown bottom hamburger bun with a rounded recessed area in the top middle. The top has a "spongy" texture and the bottom is smooth. The edges of the bun have a seam mold.
    • FPT7023 - Dark brown hamburger patty.
    • FPT7042 - Green sliced hamburger pickles, 3 pickle slices molded together.
  • McDonald's Small Fries:
    • FPT7045 - White plastic "small fry" container with a square white litho on the front of a yellow "M" and a brown "McDonald's" in a brown square. Measures 3" tall x 3" wide x 1-1/2" deep.
    • 2 each - FPT7019 - Yellow bundles of plastic french fries molded together. Each bundle has about 6 fries.
  • McDonald's Small Drink:
    • FPT7037 - White hard plastic McDonald's® cup that look just like Happy Meal size cup used in real McDonald's restraunts. The top sides of the cup has 3 horizonal rings (yellow, orange, and brown) of golden arch "M" shapes. The front of the cup has a yellow "M" and brown "McDonald's" inside a brown square.
    • FPT7038 - Round white McDonald's cup lid that fits on the FPT7037 McDonald's® cup. The top of the lid has a raised "Fisher-Price" imprint in a half-circle. The top of the lid also has a raised heart with "leaves" imprint design. The center of the lid top has a raised round circle.
  • McDonald's Apple Pie:
    • FPT7046 - Green hard plastic McDonald's apple pie case with an orange tie and suit collar printed on the front along with the words "FUNNY FLUTE" in orange. The top of the case is open. The bottom of the case is closed and rounded like a real McDonald's apple pie case. Measures 3-13" tall, 2" wide, 1-1/8" deep.
    • FPT7047 - Funny Flute - Light brown plastic apple pie with a happy faced molded on one side along with 3 flute holes, and a whistle blower above his head for children to blow into.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • FPT7048 - Sold in a 13" long, 13" high, 3-3/4" deep display box.
  • Big Mac, Golden Arches, McDonald's, Happy Meal, and Garden Salad are trademarks of McDonald's Corporation and were used with permission.
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