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#242 Fisher-Price Kids - Billie
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 2:
Dolls, Figures & Stuffed Animals

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Description: Four new dolls, called the Fisher-Price Kids were introduced in 1979. Among them were #240 Mikey, #241 Muffy, #242 Billie, and #243 Bobbie. All of these dolls are about 8 inches tall with a squeezable cloth stuffed body, a vinyl head and firmly rooted brushable hair. Billie is the only African-American doll in the Fisher-Price Kids doll line and she is also the hardest to find now. She was sold wearing a removable skirt and hat.
  • FPT1942 - Billie - African-American doll with a plastic head, curly black brushable hair, and a soft cloth stuffed body, arms and legs. Her upper body and sleeves are white with yellow, red, and blue flowers designs. Her legs are red and her feet are dark blue. Back of neck is marked "225871, FISHER-PRICE TOYS, 19©78". Tush tag is marked "Fisher-Price Toys®, East Aurora, N.Y., ©1978, 242". Face features raised round nose, large eyes, and thin 1 line eye brows. Approximately 8" tall.
  • FPT1951 - White skirt with yellow, red, and blue flowers prints and a red sash around the waist.
  • FPT1947 - White wide brimmed fabric hat with a blue string around the brim.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • FP242BOX1979 - (Box Only) - Sold in a pink box with an oval display window on the front. Marked "Fisher-Price Kids" above the display window. Blue ribbon under the display window should include a sticker with dolls name (often missing). Back of box features #241 Muffy in large oval and includes photo of all 4 Fisher-Price Kids. Bottom of box is marked with Fisher-Price logo, ©1978, 240, 241, 242, 243. Same box was used for all 4 Fisher-Price Kids dolls, only name sticker is different for each of the 4 dolls.
  • FP242SET1979 - Complete set in original box. WFL: 07-AE-01-5-B
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