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#220 Looky Chug-Chug
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 8:
Push, Pull, & Floor Toys

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Description: Fisher-Price introduced the very first Looky Chug-Chug in 1949 as the #161 Looky Chug-Chug. The #161 has a smiling face on the front of the engine with eyes that roll up and down as the trail rolls. The second Looky Chug-Chug came along in 1953 as the #220 Looky Chug-Chug with a paper lithograph face on the front of the engine and eyes that do not roll. The final Looky Chug-Chug was introduced in 1958 as the #189 Looky Chug-Chug with an engine that looks nearly identical to the #999 Huffy Puffy Train engine and with rolling eyes.
  • FPT1630 - Wooden train engine with a long blue wooden rectangular base, a long round boiler on the front, a square cab with a red roof in the middle, and a square coal cart on the back. The front of the boiler has a yellow paper lithograph smiling face. The sides of the boiler have a paper lithograph with wood-simulated sides, a black front, and blue rectangules on both sides with "LOOKY CHUG-CHUG" in white in the center of the rectangle. The boiler has a tall black wooden snoke stack on the top front and a large nickle bell on the top back. The cab has red paper lithographs on the sides with 2 black windows and a fancy engine number marked "220" in blue under the windows. The cab has a long red rectangular wooden roof. The back of the engine has a 3-wided wooden coal car with red paper lithographs on both sides marked "L&CCRR" in the center. The engine rolls on 6 wooden wheels: 2 medium-size wheels on the front, two large wheels in the middle, and 2 small wheels under the coal car. The center wheels have an attached blue wooden piston rod that is attached to square red wooden cylinders on the sides of the engine. When the engine is pulled, the piston rods move in and out of the cylinders, the bell on the boiler rings, and the engine makes a realistic "chug-chug" noise. Measures 11-3/4" long, 5" wide, and 6" high.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • Patent No. 2,259,629.
  • Canadian Patent No. 401,841.
  • 1954 original retail price was $2.00 in the East and $2.19 in the South and West.
  • This toy was nationally advertised in Parent's Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, and Ladies Home Journal.
  • Also see 1949's #161 Looky Chug-Chug and 1958's #189 Looky Chug-Chug.
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