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#135 Play Family Circus
Years Made: Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:

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Description: Fisher-Price created the Play Family Circus after the #991 Circus Train became a hot seller in 1973. This set reused most of the #991's accessories, along with 6 new exclusive trapeze parts. Apparently, it must not have sold as well; the Circus Train was manufactured until 1986, while the Play Family Circus died a decade earlier. As usual, the hard to find piece is the most nondescript: the yellow H-shaped connector, plenty of which most likely got thrown out the minute they were separated from the set.
  • 2 each - FPT32 - Yellow 7-rung ladder with a half-circle "bump" in the middle (a step to support one person standing halfway up - step is reinforced by half-circles that extend from the sides). 
  • FPT136 - Round red circus hoop. The hoop has a rectangular standing platform on one side. The sides of the platform can attach to the 2 yellow circus ladders.
  • FPT256 - Yellow rectangular circus trapeze piece. The trapeze has a thin "bar" on one end, and a rectangular "stand" tab on the other end. The "bar" has 2 tabs on the side (to attach to the FPT32 ladder), and 3 scallops on the inside area.
  • FPT16656 - Blue ladder stand (round tub-shaped stand with 4 stars around the base and a slot in the top for the end of a ladder - to hold ladder upright, also has a litho on the bottom of a clown, click here for an illustration).
  • FPT37 - Yellow H-shaped ladder connector ("H" shaped piece that joins 2 ladders FPT32 end to end).
  • 5 animals
    • WA - Grayish brown bear with tan oval patch on tummy and tan snout
    • XW - Brown monkey with tan snout and long curled black tail
    • XS - Yellow lion with a black mane and tail.
    • XA - Blue elephant with gray ears and a curved trunk. The trunk is designed to hold a Little Person.
    • XC - Tan giraffe with black horns and orangish-brown spots on his legs and body.
  • 2 People - All figures have a Wood Body and a Plastic Head:
    • OWP - Short black body ringmaster (small moustache, white bib on chest, and a black top hat).
    • DUWP - Deep red body clown with a yellow ruffled collar and pointed hat.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • FP135BOX1974 - (BOX ONLY) - This set was sold in a box marked "Play Family Animal Circus".
  • FP135SET1974 - (COMPLETE SET) - Complete set in original box marked "Play Family Animal Circus".
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