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#8746 Pocket Rockers Player & Purse Set
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Fisher-Price Toy Department
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Description: This set includes a Pocket Rocker player with it's own matching carrying case. The carrying case is specially designed to hold the player and has a hole where the player's speaker fits to allow the sound to play unmuffled. The carry case has an adjustable shoulder strap, and has plenty of room to carry personal belongings and Pocket Rocker mini-cassettes. This set was sold with one mini-casette and a cassette belt clip. The player requires two AA-size batteries (not included). Designed for children ages 7 years and older.
  • FPT19196 - White Pocket Rocker Player with a white speaker area and red volume knob on the front. The front also has a large yellow area and black, aqua, red and yellow geometric shapes. The player has a black rectangular flap on top to insert a Pocket Rockers mini tape. The top also has a small red knob to switch tracks. The side of the player has a red knob to eject a Pocket Rockers mini tape and has a headphone jack. The back of the player has a belt clip and a battery compartment to place 2 AA-size batteries. The back of the player is marked "8700, ©1988 FISHER-PRICE, DIVISION OF THE QUAKER OATS CO., EAST AURORA, NY 14052, MADE IN THAILAND". Measures 4" wide, 2-3/8" high, 1-1/2" deep.
  • FPT22467 - White and purple fashionable fabric carrying case that has a black adjustable shoulder strap and two holes in the front. One hole allows access to the volume control, and the other holes is for the speaker to allow the music to play unmuffled.
  • FPT19190 - Short black braided rope carry strap with a metal piece on one end to form a loop and a metal clasp on the loop to attach to a Pocket Rocker player. Measures 7-1/2" long.
  • FPT19193 - Small clear plastic storage case that holds the mini-cassette.
  • Mini Tape & matching Trading Music Card:
    • The Bangles - "Walk Like An Egyptian" & "Manic Monday" - Small clear plastic cassette tape with 2 three-minuite popular songs. Mini tape is available in 6 colors. Measures 1-1/4" wide, 1-1/2" tall, 3/8" deep.
    • FPT19878 - Cardboard trading card with the song titles and designs that match the songs and designs of The Bangles mini-cassette listed above. Measures 2-3/4" wide, 2-3/4" high.
  • FPT19543 - Small white tri-folded instructions sheet for the Fisher-Price Pocket Rockers. Black print and pictures. Measures 4-1/4" wide, 5-1/2" tall.
Variations: None.
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