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#929 Play Family Nursery School
Years Made: Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:
1978-1979 &

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Description: The nursery School base was essentially just a redesign of 1972's #909 Play Family Rooms. Both had a building with no ceiling and no exterior walls. The nursery school added a removable roof doubling as a playground--much like the fold-down flaps of the #931 hospital and the #990 A-Frame. The roof idea would have been a good one, except it was made out of cardboard, so kids had a fun time tearing it apart. As for the accessories, all but three were drawn from other sets: chiefly, the #909 Play Family Rooms, the #923 School and the #141 Mini Bus. The three exclusives to this set all came in blue: the easel, craft table, and the teeter-totter. The bus, which was the mini-bus in yellow and with different lithos, eventually ended up being used as the Pamper's Promotional Bus in 1988. For one year, 1989, this set was sold exclusively at Lionel Kiddie City.
Accessories: Please remember that the following accessories are the accessories that are pictured in the Fisher-Price catalogues. These should be used as guidelines only, as other variations may exist:
  • Base and Roof:
    • B929A - Nursery school base with a light yellow plastic base and no outer walls. The inside walls divide the rooms, including a classroom, kitchen, and bathroom. The center wall has a white carry handle on top for portability. Overall size: 13-3/4" wide, 10" deep, and 5-3/4" tall. The roof sold with this base is a SEPERATE part.
    • R929 - Blue heavy cardboard roof. The roof has a rectangular slit in the center to fit over the handle on the nursery school base. The roof has a blue shingle litho on one side, and a green litho playground on the other side. The playground has a rock-simulated sidewalk, a hopscotch game, and a sandbox in the corner. Overall size: 13-5/8" wide, 10-3/8" deep, and 1/8" thick.
  • Vehicle:
    • FPT550 - Yellow body, Yellow top 5-seat mini-bus. Side litho has an apple and textbook, and back litho marked "MADE IN USA". Has a pull-string tab on the front bumper.
  • Furniture:
    • Bathroom:
      • FPT71 - Small square white sink cabinet with a single oval-shaped sink bowl on top. The sink has a molded faucet and knobs on the back edge. NOTE: the white plastic material used on these pieces normally turns off-white after a few years. Size: 1-1/2" wide, 1-1/8" deep, 1-1/4" tall.
      • FPT74 - Small stand-alone white plastic toilet that has a hinged white lid. Size: 1-3/16 wide, 1-13/16" deep, 1-5/16" tall.
    • Kitchen:
      • FPT60 - white double bowl kitchen sink. WFL: 07-AC-03-3-B
      • FPT59 - white stove with a white 4 burner litho on top (4 black burners and control panels), and a fold-down oven door on the front. WFL: 07-AC-03-3-A
    • Classroom:
      • FPT198 - Round blue table with a ARTS & CRAFTS LITHO on the top surface.
      • 4 each - FPT150 - Small yellow plastic single-seat captain chair that has a seat back that extends 3/4 of the way around the seat with a TRIANGLE mark on back. Click here to see the difference between triangle back verses dot back chairs. Click here for a photo that shows the difference between yellow, Mustard yellow, and gold/butterscotch yellow.
      • FPT1 - Blue painting easel with a litho of artwork on the side.
  • Playground equipment:
    • FPT19 - Blue 2-seat teeter-totter with a rounded base to allow it to rock back and forth.
    • FPT22 - Yellow 2-step slide. *See Variations below.
    • FPT10 - Merry-go-round with a Yellow base and top spin knob, and a Lime Green 4-seat spinning top. NOTE: The base of the merry-go-round should match the color of the slide. *See Variations below.
  • Six Original Little People Figures - All figures have a plastic body and a plastic head:
    1. BQPP - Green dad with black heat-stamped hair.
    2. FNPP - Blue mom with fancy eyes and a blonde ponytail.
    3. LAPP - Green girl with red freckles, black "" eyebrows, and a brown sculpted bob.
    4. GMPP - Red (deep red) girl with a blonde bob with bangs. *See Variations below.
    5. ITPP - Red (medium red) African-American boy with black heat-stamped hair. *See Variations below.
    6. BNPP - Green boy with red heat-stamped hair.
  • Playground Equipment Variations:
    • FPT24 - Lime Green 2-step slide.
    • FPT22 - Yellow 2-step slide.
    • FPT8 - Merry-go-round with a Lime Green base and top spin knob, and a Yellow 4-seat spinning top.
    • FPT10 - Merry-go-round with a Yellow base and top spin knob, and a Lime Green 4-seat spinning top.
  • Original Little People Figure Variations:
    • LBPP - The red girl with a blonde bob with bangs could have also had a light red body opposed to deep red.
    • JMPP - The red African-American boy would also have a light red body opposed to medium red.
Other Information:
  • This set was sold in a 5-3/4" high, 13-3/4" wide, 9-7/8" deep box.
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