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#77059 Great Adventures™ Fool's Gold
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Description: There's gold in them there hills....literally! This set includes a small mountain that opens to reveal a big chunk of gold! The Great Adventures™ prospector and his donkey seek to find the gold as the accessory buzzard hovers over! This set was designed to be used alone or as accessory set for the #77110 Castle, #77041 Pirate Ship, or #77052 Western Town. Designed for children ages 3 years and older.
  • FPT13743 - Small tan rock-simulated "mountainside" with a brown wood-simulated tree on the side. The tree has two branches and a molded owl on the side. The mountain has a section of "rock" on the top that lifts up to reveal a hidden cave inside (top not removable). The front of the mountain is marked with a red and white Fisher-Price awning logo. The bottom is marked "77059, ©1998 FISHER-PRICE, INC., CHINA". Measures 3-5/8" high, 4-7/8" wide, 3" deep.
  • FPT13744 - Golden rock-simulated hunk of gold. The gold has a mold seam across the middle and is marked "©'98 F-P, INC., CHINA" on one side. Measures 2" long, 1-1/4" wide, 1-3/8" deep.
  • FPT13745 - Black buzzard with his wings spread wide. He has a pink head, a yellow beak, black eyes, and black feet.
  • FPT13746 - Grey mule with a brown rectangular wood-simulated box saddle attached to his back. The mule has a "straining" expression on his face as if it is hard to hold the box. He has a black mane, black tail, and black hooves. Inside the box is a molded rattle snake and molded coins on the floor. The bottom of the box is marked "©'98 F-P, INC., CHINA". Measures 2-1/2" high, 2-1/4" wide, 3-1/4" long.
  • FPT13747 - Great Adventures™ prospector figure with a yellow moustache and hair and wearing a grey hat with a silver light on the front. He wears blue overalls, a red long-sleeve shirt, and brown boots. He holds a black pick with a brown wood-simulated handle in his hand and has a brown necklace with a grey pouch around his neck. He has a small hole in the bottom of both heels and is marked "©'98 F-P, INC., CHINA" on the bottom of one foot.
Variations: None.
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