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#77024 Great Adventures™ Shipwreck Sub™
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Description: The Great Adventures™ Shipwreck Sub™ makes underwater adventures even more fun, even if it is played with on dry land! The submarine has a torpedo-launcher and a detachable mini-sub with a spinning drill on the front. The set also includes a diver figure, an octopus, a large cage, a fishing pole, and 2 torpedos. Designed for children ages 3 years and older.
  • FPT15726 - Large greenish-gold submarine with a rounded blue-tinted clear plastic window with yellow frames on the front, a brown wood-simulated deck on the back with a blue attached fishing pole, and a torpedo launcher on the top that launches 2 FPT15727 torpedos. The top of the sub has a blue periscope. Push the periscope down to launch the torpedos. The side of the sub has a fold-down door to gain access to the sub insides. The inside has detailed molded gears, wires, and controls. The back of the sub has silver propellers that spin. Measures 12-1/4" long, 5" wide, 10-1/4" high.
  • 2 each - FPT15727 - Yellow plastic torpedo that shoots from the FPT15726 submarine. The front of the torpedo is rounded with molded eyes and a shark mouth with pointed teeth. Marked "CHINA" on the bottom. Measures 3" long, 3/4" diameter.
  • FPT15728 - Dark blue mini-sub that attaches to the front of the FPT15726 submarine. The mini-sub has a permanently attached driver and a grey plastic spinning drill on the front. The drill spins when the sub rolls on it's two wheels. Marked "©'97 F-P, INC., CHINA" on the bottom. Measures 5-1/4" long, 5" wide, 2-1/2" high.
  • FPT15730 - Square silver metal-simulated cage with a flat rectangular floor and caged walls on the sides and top. The cage is hinged on the side allowing one side wall to open. Measures 3-1/2" tall, 2-1/2" wide, 3-1/4" long.
  • FPT15731 - Orange soft plastic (transparent) octopus with a pinkish-pearl top. Octopus has a large rounded head and 8 legs covered with bumps. Octopus has 2 large yellow eyes with black pupils. The inside of the octopus head is hollow and marked "©'97 F-P, INC., CHINA" on the inside. Measures 3" wide, 3-1/2" long, 1" high.
  • FPT15732 - Great Adventures™ deep sea diver figures with a brown wood-simulated "bucket" helmet with a round part in the front that shows his face. The bucket is removable, but attached via grey "cord". He has a yellow eyebrows, yellow moustache, and a big nose. He has silver mechanical gears around his neck and chest with a red fish on the front. He also wears green pants and silver weighted shoes. He holds a brown wood-simulated spear in his hand with a black tip and "rope". Marked "©'97 F-P, INC., CHINA" on the bottom of one foot. Measures 2-1/4" tall.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • FP77024BOX1998 (Box ONLY) - This set was sold in a 14" long, 14-3/4" high, 5-1/2" deep closed color box.
  • FP77024SET1998 - Complete set in original box. WFL: 07-AE-20-5-B.
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