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#72911 RC Stunt Raceway
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Fisher-Price Toy Department
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Description: This race track is like no other racetrack that you have ever seen before. Oppose to a sleek, high-tech racetrack, this is a rugged racetrack with rocky roads, a high mountain steep, a wood-simulated bridge, trap door, a snapping aligator, and more! It comes with a remote control jeep that is guided with a hand-held controller. Thank goodness there are no wires for children to trip on or pull out. The track is full of activities to keep children busy, such as bumps in the road that trip the accessory barrels to "explode", a log in the road that flips the jeep off of the road, a gate at the top of the mountain that the jeep can break through, then roll down "Rollover Muntain" and magically drive away upright at the bottom of the mountain! The jeep requires four AA alkaline batteries, and the remote control requires one 9-volt battery (not included). Designed for children ages 3 years and older.
  • The race track is made up of several different pieces that fit together:
    • FPT13,989 - Light brown track with rocks along the edges that has 2 grey boulders and a white cow skelaton head in the middle of the track. When the jeep drives over the boulders in the road, they trip the accessory boulders and send them flying up.
    • FPT13,990 - Light brown track with rocks along the edges and 2 small hills in the middle, like a camel's back.
    • FPT13,991 - Light brown curved track with rocks along the edges.
    • FPT13,992 - Green curved track with a green aligator hiding in the rocks. His mouth opens when the jeep drives over a trip in the road. This track also has a litho of water and an aligator with a real log across the road that children can push to make the log flip the jeep off of the road.
    • FPT13,993 - Grey rock mountain with a wood-simulated bridge leading up to the mountain. There is a tunel under the mountain and a red door with "Keep Out!" imprinted on it that flips open when the jeep drives through the tunnel. The top of the mountain has a red gate that the jeep can break through to fall down "Rollover Mountain".
  • FPT13,994 - Green jeep with dark green stripes, a purple roof with dark purple stripes, large deep tread tires with green wheels, and an emblem on the doors of an aligator head within a circle.
  • FPT13,995 - Red hand-held remote control that controls the jeep's movements.
  • 2 each - FPT6016 - Grey plastic rocks.
  • 2 each - FPT13,996 - Red plastic wood-simulated barrel marked with a TNT imprint on the side.
Variations: None.
Other Information: None.
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