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#72554 Little People "Team Players"
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:

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Description: For the sports lover in you, these figures are ready to play their favorite sport! A basketball player ready to slam dunk a basketball, a soccer player with a soccer ball, and a baseball player with a bat, glove, and baseball. Designed for children ages 1-1/2 to 5 years old.
Accessories: 3 sporty Current Little People figures:
  • FPT4754 - A girl with red braided hair wearing a blue baseball cap backwards. She wears a white shirt with blue trim, blue pants, and white shoes. She has a baseball and glove in one hand and a bat in the other.
  • FPT4745 - A male hispanic soccer player with black hair, a green shirt, white shorts, black shoes, and a black and white soccer ball in his hands.
  • FPT4705 - African-American basketball player. He wears a yellow tank-top with red trim and a red "12" on his chest, red shorts, and white shoes. He has a basketball in his hand.
  • This set was also sold in Europe. The European set was sold in a slightly different box, marked "Play Family" on the front. The American box is marked "Little People" on the front.
  • FPT14814 - The European set was sold with the same 2 male figures that were sold with the American set, but the female differs. The European set was sold with a female tennis player, opposed to the American female baseball player. The female tennis player has red hair that flips up on the ends, and wears a pink sweatband on her forehead. She wears a white v-neck tennis shirt, a pink tennis skirt, and white tennis shoes. She holds a turquoise tennis racket in one hand, and a yellow tennis ball in her other hand.
Other Information:
  • FP72554BOX1998 - (Box ONLY) - Sold in a 7-3/4" long, 5-3/4" high, 2-1/4" deep peggable platform blister package.
  • FP72554SET1998 - Complete set in original package. WFL: 07-AL-02-2-F
  • Also sold in #72540 Little People Fun Figures Assortment.
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