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#71778 Caring Touch Nursery™
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:
Description: The Caring Touch Nursery™ is a large plastic center that has a pink baby doll cradle that rocks, and an attached changing table that doubles as a sink for baby doll's bath time. When children rock the cradle the mobile above the cradle will automatically spin! The changing surface lifts up to reveal a sink with a clicking faucet and a pretend spray nozzle. The set includes a pretend lotion bottle, cream jar with a removable lid, and a baby bottle. Designed for children ages 2 years and older.

This set was designed as a baby doll playset, but it was not sold with a baby doll. The baby doll used in the Fisher-Price dealer catalogue are not baby dolls that were sold by Fisher-Price at that time, or atleast they were not listed in the dealer catalogues.

  • FPT13,234 - Large plastic baby doll nursery center with a purple base, a suspended pink cradle that rocks, and a white headboard with a spinning mobile attached to the top. The cradle footboard doubles as a dressing table with 2 pink supporting walls, a white counter top, and a purple quilt-simulated changing top. Lift the changing to reveal a white sink under it with a purple faucet and pink clicking knob. The top of the table has storage areas for the accessory pretend lotion bottle and cream jar.
  • FPT13,235 - White oval-shaped pretend "cream jar".
  • FPT13,236 - Purple oval-shaped "cream jar" lid.
  • FPT13,237 - Pink pretend lotion bottle.
  • FPT13,238 - Pink pretend spray nozzle.
  • FPT13,239 - Light green/aqua plastic baby doll bottle with imprints of a duck, rabbit, teddy bear on the side.
Variations: None.
Other Information: FPT13,240 - Sold in a 25-1/2" long, 18-5/8" high, 10-1/2" deep shipper/individual.
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