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#71464 Briarberry Bedroom Set
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 2:
Dolls, Figures & Stuffed Animals

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Description: The Briarberry Collection Bedroom Set includes a beautifully detailed rose-colored wood-simulated bed. This brilliantly designed bed can fold up to a chair! The bedroom set also includes a blanket, pillow, storybook, teddybear, and nightgown that fits any of the Briarberrys. Designed for children ages 3 years and older.
  • FPT14091 - Rose-colored wood-simulated bed that folds up to become a chair. It has rose-colored berries, green leaves, and vines on the headboard.
  • FPT14092 - Light yellow velour blanket with a white cotton top edge.
  • FPT14093 - Rectangular white stuffed fluffy pillow with a light blue flower print design.
  • FPT14094 - Blue plastic storybook that is hinged in the middle to open and close. The inside has 2 paper litho pictures, one on each inside "page" of the book. One side has a picture of a momma bear giving baby bear a bath in a pink tub. The other side has a picture of momma and baby bear.
  • FPT14095 - Small light brown (plush-simulated) plastic teddy bear in an upright sitting position (arms and bottom of feet facing forward). Bear has brown eyes, nose, and mouth, and a pink bow on top of her head. *See "Variations" below.
  • FPT14096 - White sleeveless night gown that has a small green ribbon bow on the chest, and rose berries and green leaves embroidered on the bottom left edge. The dress has white lace around the arm openings, and ruffles across the bottom edge. The back of the dress has Velcro® brand fasteners. *See "Variations" below.
  • *Mint boxed sets do not include the teddy bear nor nightgown. The bear and gown may had been catalogue picture prototypes.
  • FPT14097 - The teddy bear could also be pink with a red bow on top of her head.
Other Information: None.
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