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#7297 Cuddler Tales "Alice In Wonderland"
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Fisher-Price Toy Department
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Dolls, Figures & Stuffed Animals

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Description: This is a Smooshees Alice In Wonderland set from the Cuddler Tales line. The set includes a plastic book that opens to reveal a tea pot inside that the accessory Smooshee figure can be smooshed into. The set also includes a small soft-cover book titled "Alice In Wonderland" that fits in the inside cover of the plastic book. This set was designed for children ages 4 years and older.
  • FPT16207 - Alice In Wonderland - Stuffed cloth female Smooshee figure with a pre-printed face and clothes. She has yellow fabric "hair" with a long ponytail in the back. She has a blue printed headband around the top of her head, and a bit of yellow printed hair under the headband. She has printed eyes, a round pink nose, round pink cheeks, and a pink line smiling mouth. She has a blue printed shirt with short white sleeves, and 2 pink heart "buttons" on the chest. She also has blue printed slippers.
  • FPT16208 - Light blue hard plastic pop-open "book" with a hinged cover that opens to reveal an attached blue and white teapot inside. The tea pot has a blue lid on top (hinged or removable). The teapot has a large pink heart on the sides, and the teapot is mounted on a small light blue table. The book also has 2 attached pink chairs by the table and teapot for guests at an "un-birthday tea party".
  • FPT16202 - Irridescent white skirt with an elastic waistband that fits on the figure mentioned above.
  • FPT16209 - Small soft-cover booklet that fits inside the hinged flap (book cover) on the book mentioned above. This book has a picture of a Cuddler Alice, Cheshire cat in a tree, and a white rabbit carrying a large stopwatch. The book has "Alice In Wonderland" across the top in white.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • This set was sold in a 12" long, 7-1/4" high, 3" deep display box.
  • This set was also sold in #7214 Cuddler Tales assortment.
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