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#7199 Action Workshop
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Description: This is a child-sized realistically-styled stand-up tool bench. The bench is supported with blue legs, and there are two yellow baskets on one side that hold nuts and bolts. The table has a grey worktop and a yellow pegboard back that the accessory tools can be attached to. The tabletop has a table saw and drill press that can saw or drill through the pieces of accessory magic-action wood. The set also includes lots of pretend wood working tools. Designed for children ages 3 to 7 years old.
  • FPT11296 - Child-size workbench with blue support legs, a grey tabletop with a yellow saw blade, and a yellow pegboard backboard with a blue drill press on the side. The top of the backboard has a red litho with a pretend clock and the words "Fisher-Price" in white.
  • Workbench Attachments:
    • 2 each - FPT11297 - Yellow rectangular plastic storage basket that attaches to the side of the workbench legs. The basket has a litho on the end with a picture of a screw and bolt.
    • FPT11301 - Orange cordless hand-held telephone receiver with a push-button dial pad molded in the center of one side along with a molded ear and mouth piece. The telephone is slightly curved to fit in a child hand and against a child's face to pretend to talk on the phone.
    • Shop Vacuum:
      • FPT45162 - Green shop vacuum holder cup (attaches to side of workbench leg).
      • FPT45163 - Green hand-held shop vacuum.
    • FPT11298 - Large blue tool caddy with a carry handle in the middle and storage compartments on each side. Has a yellow sliding ruler above the handle and red litho on the inner sides marked "Fisher-Price" in white. This caddy doubles as a top shelf when placed on the top edge of the yellow pegboard backboard on the FPT11296 workbench.
  • Magic Action Wood:
    • FPT10828 - Small brown plastic 1" x 1" piece of "magic-action wood" that has 3 drill holes in it.
    • FPT11303 - Long brown plastic 2" x 4" piece of "magic-action wood" that has 7 drill holes in it.
  • Tools:
    • FPT7476 - Silver wrench.
    • FPT7477 - Blue pliers with a "Fisher-Price" imprint on one of the handles.
    • FPT3448 - Green hollow plastic flat-head toy screwdriver with a round grooved handle.
    • FPT11305 - Silver hammer with a red handle marked "Fisher-Price". The handle has a hole on the end to hang on a hook.
    • FPT11300 - Red vise with an upright rectangular end to hold the accessory wood pieces in place. Vise has an oval-shaped opening in the center.
    • FPT11299 - Red guide with a half-circle on one end of a long guide leg (leg fits within grove on workbench). Guide is used to push the accessory wood.
  • Hardware:
    • 4 each - FPT7481 - Silver nails.
    • 6 each - FPT14366 - Black Bolts (resembles screw).
    • 4 each - FPT7483 - Black nuts.
Variations: None.
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