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716 Play Family Tractor & Cart
Years Made: Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:

Description: This 5-piece farm accessory set includes a tractor, cart, an Original Little People farm boy, a chicken, and a rooster. This set was introduced one year after the #915 Play Family Farm, and was a great farm set for those who didn't want the larger #915 set, or as an added accessory set to make a really BIG farm! Although the tractor and cart are not really hard to find, the all wood farmer boy, the chicken, and the rooster are a bit hard to find. The chicken and the rooster are different than those sold in later farm sets because they were 2 halves put together, opposed to being 1 mold. Click here for a photo.
  • FPT466 - Orange/Red tractor with 2 large Yellow back wheels. Has a litho on the engine that has a GREY background, 3 dots (red, yellow, and blue), and a BLACK line above the dots. Front 2 wheels held on via ORANGE/RED plastic rivets and the wheels are marked "FISHER-PRICE TOYS".
  • Yellow cart that rolls on 2 small black wheels. It has a hitch on the front to connect to the tractor.
  • WC - White chicken with red heat-stamped feathers. This chicken has a seam down the middle of her body and a very shallow square hole (1/4" deep) under her body that allows her to fit on one of the fence posts. This hole does not go straight down, it is open on 2 of the 4 sides (inside of the chicken's body). Click here for a photo.
  • WE - Red Rooster with black heat-stamped feathers. This rooster has a seam down the middle of his body and a shallow square hole under his body (same as the chicken above).
  • AJWW - Blue all-wood boy with a smiling face, wearing a red plastic cowboy hat.
Variations: None.
Other Information: This set was sold in a 7" long, 3-1/4" high, 3-5/8" wide display box.
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