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#6727 / #76727 The Puzzle Place™ Playset
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 2:
Dolls, Figures & Stuffed Animals

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Description: The Puzzle Place™ is a PBS television series for young children who teach children to celebrate diversity, appriciate the differences between various nationalities, learn the importance of self-esteem, cooperation, and respect for others. For a short time in the mid-ninties, Fisher-Price made Puzzle Place dolls, figures, games, and other accessories. One of the toys made at that time was the #6727 Puzzle Places Playset. The Playset includes a huge blue and purple "building" that resembles the set on the PBS TV show. The building features a hinged curved stair case, a turning gear that makes figures pop up and down, brightly colored lithographs on the walls, and several platforms for figures to stand on. It also features Skye's Greenhouse and Kiki's Workshop, and a fun kitchen appliance that has a fold-down door. The set includes all six Puzzle Place kids, plus Nuzzle and Sizzle.
  • FPT19648 - Big square blue "building" with a purple front flap and a blue molded carry handle on top. The carry handle has the shape of a puzzle piece on one side and the half of a gear on the other side. The blue building has 3 levels. The bottom level has a yellow curved hinged staircase that has a gear-shaped bottom landing, a big "room" area with a brick-simulated back wall, and a small closed with a removable door. The 2nd level has a molded balcony rail, 2 yellow half-gear shaped light fixtures, and blue molded stairs leading to the top level. The top level has a small rectangular landing with a molded balcony rail on the front and a large open rectangular window on the back. A purple gear under the front balcony rail spins and makes 4 Puzzle Places figures pop up and down. The purple flap has a Puzzle-shaped door opening on the bottom level. The inside bottom level has a pink oven and the lithographs around the oven are of a brightly colored kitchen. The flap has a 2nd level with a narrow walkway above the door and a half-gear shaped landing above the kitchen. The 2nd story has 14 square windows with puzzle shapes in the corner of some of the windows. The sides of the windows have paper lithographs of plants and flowers. Marked "The Puzzle Place™ Characters and Designs, ©1994, 1995 Lancit Copyright Corporation/KCET. All rights reserved., Product ©1995 Fisher-Price, Inc. Measures 15" tall to top of handle, 17" wide, 4-1/2" deep. WFL: 07-AF-13-2-A.
  • FPT19649 - Unknown color closet door that fits on the closet door opening on the bottom level of the FPT19648 Puzzle Places Playset base. Measures 3-3/4" tall x 2-1/8" wide.
  • FPT19650 - Unknown color front door that fits in the puzzle-shaped doorway on the purple flap. The door may be puzzle shaped?
  • Flat plastic figure pieces with a paper lithograph on the side of Puzzle Place Figures and a flat support base on the bottom:
    • FPT20277 - Jody - Girl with reddish-blonde curly hair wearing a purple hat, purple pants, a purple vest with pink flowers, and a pink long-sleeve shirt.
    • FPT20278 - Julie - Asian girl with long black hair, slanted eyes, an orange long-sleeve shirt, a multi-colored vest, a blue skirt, red socks, and black shoes.
    • FPT20279 - Kiki - Girl with long brown hair in ponytails, wearing an orange jacket over a yellow shirt, a pink, orange, and yellow striped skirt, and white boots.
    • FPT20280 - Ben - Boy with short blonde hair, silver glasses, green pants, and a green and white checkered long-sleeve shirt. He wears brown shoes, and a brown belt.
    • FPT20281 - Leon - African-American boy with black hair, brown eyes, wearing a blue jacket with green sleeves, a multi-colored shirt, blue pants, and white shoes.
    • FPT20282 - Skye - Native-American boy with straight black hair, an aqua headband around his forehead, a black shirt, yellow jacket, blue pants, and brown shoes. He wears a nacklace with an arrowhead, and holds a flower pot in his hands.
    • FPT20283 - Nuzzle the dog.
    • FPT20284 - Sizzle the cat.
Variations: None.
Other Information: None.
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