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#6700 / #76700 Puzzle Cubes
Years Made:
Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 3:
Games & Puzzles
Description: This puzzle includes 9 cubes with pictures on all 6 sides. The pictures on the sides of the cubes fit together to create 6 different big pictures of Puzzle Place characters. The Puzzle Place is a PBS series for young children who teach children to celebrate diversity, appriciate the differences between various nationalities, learn the importance of self-esteem, cooperation, and respect for others. The cubes fit into a handy tray. Designed for children ages years and older.
  • FPT11587 - Yellow plastic storage tray that holds the accessory puzzle cubes. The top of the tray is marked "The Puzzle Place".
  • 9 cubes with pictures of characters from The Puzzle Place on all six sides. The following pieces as identified by describing the sides showing the Puzzle Place character Skye. He is a Native American boy with straight black hair that wears an aqua headband, a black shirt, and a yellow jacket. He is pictured on a blue background:
    • FPT11588 - Top left corner piece, Black hair in the lower right corner.
    • FPT11589 - Skye's left ear, the left side of his face, and part of his hair.
    • FPT11590 - Bottom part of Skye's hair, and bottom left corner of his face, showing yellow jacket.
    • FPT11591 - Top middle piece, Top of Skye's head showing the top part of his aqua bandana around his head.
    • FPT11592 - Skye's eyes and nose.
    • FPT11593 - Skye's mouth.
    • FPT11594 - Top right corner piece, Black hair in the lower left corner.
    • FPT11595 - Skye's right ear with the right side of his face.
    • FPT11596 - Lower right side of Skye's face, showing black hair and yellow jacket.
  • The model number for this puzzle was changed to #76700 in 1996.
Other Information:
  • FPT11597 - This game was sold in a 8-1/8" long, 10" high, 2-3/8" deep box.
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