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#4077 Puffalump Kids Dress-Up Baby "Lavender"
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Fisher-Price Toy Department
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Dolls, Figures & Stuffed Animals

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Description: This doll has a silky fabric body, a soft vinyl face, and a permanently attached bonnet on her head. She has a little bit of soft blonde curly hair peeping from under her bonnet on her forehead. She was sold with a removable diaper, a lavender dress, and a lavender bottle. Doll is machine washable and dryer safe. Designed for children ages 2 years and older.
  • FPT10256 - Featherlight Puffalump Kids doll with a stuffed satiny flesh-colored body made of parachute-type material. Doll has a soft plastic face with lavender printed eyes. She has a permanently attached white bonnet covered with tiny lavender polka-dots on her head with a lavender fabric ruffle around her face. She a bit of blonde curly hair on her forehead peeping from under her bonnet. Doll wears permanently attached lavender fabric shoes with a pink ribbon bow on top and a round white pad on the bottom covered with tiny lavender polka-dots. Doll also has attached white "socks" with white lace trim.
  • FPT10252 - Small white Puffalump Kids doll side fabric diaper with an elastic-type waist and two elastic leg holes edged with white lace trim. The diaper has Velcro® brand fasteners on both sides for easy diaper removal. The diaper has a white sewn-on tag marked "Puffalump Kids and #4076-79" in blue.
  • FPT10257 - Lavender sleeveless dress with white ruffles over the shoulders and across the bottom edge of the dress. The white ruffle is covered with tiny lavender polka-dots. The center of the chest area has a pink embroidered flower with green leaves.
  • FPT10258 - Lavender baby bottle with white molded plastic lace around the top, heart prints on the edge of the nipple cap, and a heart and bow design molded on the side of the bottle.
Variations: According to a former employee at Fisher-Price, Craig C. Clarke, Fisher-Price had a problem with the baby bottles, and introduced a Limited Edition series of these dolls. This Limited Edition series includes everything except the baby bottle. The Limited Edition set was sold in a slighty different box, marked "Limited Edition" on the front.
Other Information:
  • FPT10255 (Box Only) - Sold in a 12" long, 13-1/2" high, 5" deep window box with a clear plastic "window" on the front. Bottom right corner pictures a girl holding a Puffalump doll.
  • FP4077SETA1992 - (Complete Set) Complete set in original display box.
  • FPT45096 - (Limited Edition Box Only) - Sold in a window box with a clear plastic "window" on the front. Top left corner has a round yellow design marked, "Limited Edition Dress Up Kid".
  • FP4077SETB1992 - (Limited Edition Complete Set) Complete set in original display box marked, "Limited Edition".
  • Also sold in #4075 Puffalump Kids Dress-Up Baby Assortment.
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