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#182 Play Family Jetliner
Years Made: Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:

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Description: After the #183 Play Family Fun Jet had run its course, Fisher-Price revamped the design and came up with this version in yellow and green instead of red and blue. The cockpit and wooden pilot were removed in lieu of a sleek, tinted windshield and the luggage changed from yellow and green to blue and brown. The parental figures got the biggest overhaul of all. A new dark green man and yellow mom with a brown hair were introduced specifically for this set.

In 1986, Fisher-Price introduced the #2360 Little People Jetliner. The #2360 comes with the same shaped airplane, yet colored differently, the same luggage pieces, and a family of 4 with plastic molded hair.

Accessories: Please remember that the following accessories are the accessories that are pictured in the Fisher-Price catalogues. These should be used as guidelines only, as other variations may exist:
  • FPT579 - A white top, green bottom airplane with yellow wings, green engines, and a tinted plastic windshield covering the cockpit. The body has a fold-down door with steps on the inside leading up to 4 seats inside. The plane has room for luggage behind the passenger seats. The plane is pulled with a yellow plastic pull string that is attached to the nose of the plane.
  • Luggage:
    • FPT301 - Brown square suitcase with a small top carrying handle.
    • FPT302 - Light Blue round "hatbox" style suitcase.
  • 4 Figures - All figures have a Plastic Body and a Plastic Head:
    • COPP - Dad - Dark green body, black heat-stamped hair
    • HGPP - Mom - Yellow body, fancy eyes and a light brown ponytail. *See Variations below.
    • CUPP - Boy - Orange body, red heat-stamped hair
    • FPPP - Girl - Lime Green body, light brown sculpted bob.
  • BNPP - The 1985 catalogue shows a green boy with red heat-stamped hair.
  • HHPP - The yellow mom used in this set could also had dark brown hair opposed to light brown.
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