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#169 Snorky Fire Engine
Years Made: Fisher-Price Toy Department
Department 7:

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Description: Predating the long-running #720 Play Family Fire Engine by a few years, the #168 Snorky Fire Engine proved to be a bust for Fisher-Price then, though collectors feel differently now. The #720 fire truck is certainly much more meticulously designed with attention to it's lithographs. The Little People--if they can even be considered such--are a different story. The Little People Snorky firemen are a creation all of their own, and it's doubtful that Fisher-Price were all that pleased with their strange appearances, since they were all but out of the Little People regime by 1962. After 1 year, #168 gave way to a redesigned #169 Snorky Fire Engine, which too lasted only a year before being discontinued. Unlike the #168, the #169 Fire Engine is decorated with lithographs....the first baby steps towards the birth of the #720 Fire Engine. Along with the #932 Amusement Park, the 2 Snorky sets are the most valuable and expensive Little People playsets, fetching several hundred dollars each.
  • FPT534 - Red wooden fire engine with a yellow wooden ladder that cranks up and down while the red plastic basket on the end holds the Snorky fireman upright. The ladder is 9-1/2" long and spins 360 degrees. The ladder has an attached red and white rope "fire hose" with a red plastic nozzle on the end. The front of the fire engine has a red plastic grill and windshield. The square "engine" has red and yellow paper lithographs on the top and side marked " 169 SNORKY". The top of the engine has a metal bell that rings as the fire truck rolls. Rolls on 4 black wooden wheels with white printed hubcaps. Measures 15" long and 5" wide.
  • 4 each - EOWW - White body fireman with red arms and fireman's hat. The arms are designed to be able to hold the fire hose. These firemen have a rivet running though the top of their heads. All bodies and heads are wood.
Variations: None.
Other Information:
  • Also see #168 Snorky Fire Engine that was introduced in 1960.
  • This fire engine was only sold until Easter of 1962.
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